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Vallejo Community Change Coalition

1/29/2014 General Meeting

Jason Goltiao

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Vallejo Community Change Coalition

Tentative Schedule
General Meetings
Jan 29
Mar 19
May 21
July 16
Oct 15
Membership Benefits
Help to improve the lives of children and families in Vallejo
Access to free professional development trainings
Sharpen leadership and communication skills
Log community service hours
Meet new people and build network
Next Steps
Membership Structure
Solano County Board of Supervisors
through the Solano County Health and Social Services Department

Prop 99 (CA tobacco tax)
through the California Department of Public Health
Coalition History
Submit completed membership form to Dante De La Cerna

Help recruit new members

Join a committee
Problematic alcohol stores negatively affected the people Vallejo

Concerned residents organized and formed the Vallejo Alcohol Policy Coalition
Coalition worked with the City of Vallejo on the Deemed Approved and Conditional Use Permit Ordinance to help regulate alcohol retailers
Teen Party Ordinance was adopted to discourage parties with underage drinking
Smoke Shop Ordinance to limit locations around child sensitive areas
Provide feedback to City of Vallejo regarding vendor alcohol licenses
General Meeting
Jan 29, 2014

Focus on changing the settings and circumstances in which problems occur rather than solely focusing on changing individuals (i.e. policy change)

Broad-based coalitions that represent many points of views are ideal for policy change and can have considerable credibility

Policy change can:
1) provide a road to permanent social change
2) start community dialogue about issues
3) change minds, attitudes and norms in a long-term way
What is an "environmental strategy"?
Example: Youth, PD & Center Line Prevention Coalition
Warren, Michigan
Vallejo Smoke-Free Parks Ordinance
MISSION: to provide a vehicle for the community to learn about and improve environmental health factors in Vallejo.

VISION: to create a healthy environment for Vallejo kids and families where the negative impact of alcohol, tobacco, and unhealthy food products are minimized.
Leadership Team
Smoke-Free Outdoor
FBP Staff
Committee Meetings
Next General Meeting
March 19
Late February
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