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02.03 Muscle Contraction Model

No description

Tessa Bradley

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of 02.03 Muscle Contraction Model

The Sliding Filament Theory Model
02.03 Muscle Contraction Model
The Sliding Filament Theory is initiated by the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (Gumballs). They release the Calcium ions (Altoid Mints) that then get absorbed by the Myosin (Coffee Straws). At this point, the "color coating" of the M&M (ATP) is discharged and causes the Myosin Heads (Twizzler Bites) to arise from the Myosin (Coffee Straws). The Myosin absorbs the Calcium ions and causes the Actin Binding Site (Nerds) to emerge from the Actin.
Description Cont.
This means that both the Actin Binding Site (Nerds) and the Myosin Heads (Twizzler Bites) are exposed. They are then bonded together to form the cross-bridge. The Acting Binding Site and the Myosin Heads slowly grow closer together, pulling the Myosin towards each other. This causes the contraction of the muscle. Then, the ATP provides the energy for the cross-bridge to separate and both the Acting Binding Site and the Myosin Heads gets completely covered up as the muscle goes back to being relaxed.
What is the Sliding Filament Theory?
The sliding filament theory is the most accepted model of muscle contraction. It was first developed by several scientists in the 1950’s, but continued research has improved our understanding of what happens in this process.
Gumball = Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
Altoid Mints = Calcium Ions
Coffee Straws = Myosin
Regular Straws = Actin
Nerd Candies = Actin Binding Site
Twizzler Bites = Myosin Heads
Twizzler Bites and Nerds Put Together = Cross-bridge
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