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Kristen Hunt

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Hinche Vocational School Job Creation
Economic Growth
Local Development Overall Project Challenges Gathering Site Information -- Logistics
Developing the Programs, Promote Innovation
Learning about Culture, Lifestyles, Common Practices e.g. Meals, Security
Designing for the Climate, Hurricanes, Earthquakes
Campus also function as Place of Refuge Housing Challenges Create sense of Separation, Peaceful Environment
Balance individual privacy with fostering staff community Instructional Space Challenges Auto Mechanics Challenges Combine school functions with Commercial Operation
Design for Hands-on Learning, Safety, Security
Maximize use of outdoor spaces, ventilation OSDPC Architecture
Boston Keene State
College Valuable Training
Electrical Auto Mechanics
Staff Housing
Site Security Housing Final Design Placement on a secluded section of the site allows for privacy
Landscaping and outdoor areas of repose foster staff community.
Fits to the style of Haitian architecture while maintaining its modular form, allowing for expansion Auto Mechanics Final Design

Shaded areas of repose for students and customers were created around the building and ample windows and pillared roofs allow for circular ventilation
The distinctive feature of the structure is its ability to accommodate commercial and educational growth. Instructional Design Process How Major Problems were solved
How you achieved design
Distinctive feature What We Learned Determining the size of spaces needed (large number of students & different equipment than what we use here)
Arranging the offices and work spaces in a logical way
Designing for possible expansion
Figuring out pedestrian and delivery truck circulation Design Goals Create a Vocational School that includes masonry, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, auto mechanics

Incorporate the historical context of Haitian French Colonial Architecture.
Incorporate adequate and economical ventilation and septic systems.
Create a comfortable and durable environment.
Create a vocational facility that has the capacity to act as regional shelter for potential natural disasters. Research & Analysis Investigated the geography of the site
Seismic activity
Vehicle circulation
Wind and Climate Data
Researched other Vocational schools
Examined the architecture history of Haiti The Challenge Public schools are not free, many students drop out early
Few jobs available, especially in rural areas
Lack of skilled laborers nationwide, particularly in the construction industry A Solution Organization of Support to the Development of Plateau Central, Inc.
(OSDPC) Proposal: Create a new Vocational Technical School for teaching construction trades and auto mechanics in Hinche, Haiti. Designing for completely different Climate
Designing for very different Culture, Customs
Having to develop design without complete information
Pleasure of working with volunteers from OSDPC and AfHB, we can make a difference
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