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31 Things About Me!

No description

Lauryn Schram

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of 31 Things About Me!

31 Things About Me! My name is Lauryn Nicole Schram Lauryn!<3 My pets... Aero Spits My favourite movies are... Moneyball Hunger Games and The Amazing Spiderman My family, Me and my mom... My 'too cool' brother Kolton, My darling little sister Mya,
and my parents, Shawn and Kristin. My favourite colours are, Blue Purple Purple Green My favourite foods are... Tacos deep dished pizza and pasta Macaroni I go to L.A.Desmarais school,
and i'm in grade 7. My favoutie sports... Fastball Volleyball, and soccer Me, the boring middle child, My Hobbies.... swimming, Playing catch, and babysitting These are my
youngest cousins, Tyler and Casey My favourite subjects are... Français SCIENCE Math My favourite drinks, Shirley Temples Root Beer ICEES My birthday is January 12th I wil be turning 13 on my
next birthday! These are my BEST friends... Sydney!<3 Nikolina:) My favourite T.V shows are... I love to go camping
with my family, and to sit by the warm fire. My favourite singers are... Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj One Direction Katy Perry My favourite books are, The Hunger Games series My favourite candy is... Gummy Worms Starbursts Skittles Fuzzy Peaches My favourite thing to eat for breakfast is... Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes and French toast My favorite brands are... My favourite desserts are... My moms chocolate cake, Red velvet cupcakes, and french vanilla ice-cream My favourite animals are... zebras, dolphins, and kangaroos. My top 3 sport teams... #1. Windsor Wildcats! #2. Detroit Tigers #3. Windsor Spitfires People that inspire me are ... Rachel Scott and Terry Fox My favourite time of the year is... summer! I love summer because
there's no school
hangout with friends any day
go to the warm beach
and BASEBALL SEASON STARTS!! My favourite quotes... I play on the 14u Windsor Wildcats
fastball team. This is my 5th year playing
fastball, and my 8th year playing baseball in general. Fastball isn't a sport to me anymore,
it's my life and passion. # 28 The instruments that I play... flute instruments I want to
learn how to play... guitar and saxophone to sing, My favourite songs!! Taylor Swift:
Safe and Sound Taylor Swift:
Never ever getting
back together What I want to be
when I grow up... ? Just a girl who
will change the world. You're looking at her:)
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