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SOC 222: Religion

No description

Eric Davis

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of SOC 222: Religion

Sociology of Religion
Religion has unique content or substance relating to the sacred
that separates it from other forms
of knowledge and belief
Functionalist Definition of Religion
Religion unifies believers into a community through shared practices and a common set of beliefs relative to sacred things
Marx described religion as an “opiate” for the masses
Religious Beliefs

Statement to which members of a particular religion adhere

Religious Rituals

Practices required or expected of members of a faith
Fishin 4 Religion

Elements beyond everyday life that inspire respect, awe, and even fear


Ordinary elements of everyday life

Rigid adherence to core religious doctrines

Religious Experience
Feeling or perception of being in direct contact with ultimate reality or of being overcome with religious emotion
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