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Dania, Silje and Bella

No description

Bella Loan Lu

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Dania, Silje and Bella

Dania, Silje and Bella
Are you an Active Man?

Brief history
- Cosmetic enterprise
- Founded by Anita Roddick in 1976 in England
- Franchises all over the world

The five Core Values
- Female
- Caucasion
- middle, upperclass
- trend
- At least bachelor degree
- organic products
- healthy lifestyle

Problem Statement and program goal
- Main Problem: The company is facing the problem that they are mainly attracting women. They do not really have a masculine customer-base.

- Goal: To establish a masculine audience by creating a new product-line focused on men

- Men (20-55 years)
- Males who care about themselves
and environment.
- Values: Loves nature and tries to live a
healthy life: outdoor, walking, hiking and
Target audience

- Establish a customer base in the masculine cosmetic sector of around 25 % in a year

- Make the masculine line popular to the society

- Value men who are concerned with issues the body shop is addressing

Message strategy and plan
- Make a complete redesign of the image, logo,
product aligned to the mens desire

- TV & Radio Ads
- Etablish face-to-face
interaction campaigns

- Male models
and people who are standing for
green values (healthy lifestyle).
Media/channel strategy
- Coupons
- TV and Radio
- Magazine Ads
- Mailers
- Billboards
- Bus Shelters
- Websites
- Social Media Advertisements
- Blogs

Results of our primary research
- This brand is spare known by men

- Changing the design

- Go with the time

- Convenient for Shopping - expand to groceries

- Channels

- Marketing through friends and family

Thank you for your attention!
Business strategy
- Expand to new markets
- Rely on core values
- Support charity foundation
Business model
- Retail based store
- Rely on local shops
- Prefering word-of-mouth propaganda
The Cosmetic Market
- Highly competitive
- The Body Shop small, niche player
- Growth potential existent
- Threat: High investments
The competitors
Direct competitors
Main warehouses: Singapore, US, UK
- 25 community Fair Trades
- 30 Suppliers in 20 different countries
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