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Quantum Physics

No description

Brett Pennington

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Quantum Physics

What is Quantum Physics?
Theory of Everything
There are two theories of everything, General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory. General Relativity is the idea of spacetime. The Quantum Field Theory is when you make models to demonstrate how small Quantum Physics really is.
Quantum Computing
String Theory
Grand Unified Theory
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How small is
In order for something to be considered quantum it must be the smallest amount of energy possible.
A mathematical theory for describing the properties of fundamental particles, which represents the particles as one-dimensional string-like objects.
String Theory Contributors
Edward Witten

John Henry Schwarz

Yoichiro Nambu

Leonard Susskind

David Gross

Joe Polchinski

Juan Maldacena

Lisa Randall

Michio Kaku

Brian Greene

The O



Before the 1900s scientists thought they uncovered the universe's secrets, everything from Newton's Laws to atoms.
Quantum Gravity
What is Quantum Gravity?
Quantum Physics
by: The Quantum Quest

In 1900 Max Planck discovered that energy, which appears to be emitted in wavelengths, is actually discharged in small packets
This led to the start of quantum physics
Some scientists who contributed to Quantum Physics.
Max Planck
Albert Einstein-proposes a quantum of light which behaves like a particle and explains the curvature of space-time
1909 Hans Geiger
1909 Ernest Marsden
1911 Ernest Rutherford - discovers first proton.
Quantum Computer:
noun-a computer that makes use of the quantum states of subatomic particles to store information.
When was the string theory created?
Three theorists realized that theories developed in 1968 described the particle spectrum also describing the quantum mechanics of oscillating strings. This marks the official birth of string theory.
Shown through the double slit experiment, the act of observing changes the behavior of subatomic particles.
As shown in the double slit experiment, The act of observing can change how subatomic particles react.
What is a Quantum Computer?
Quantum Gravity or General Relativity?
General Relativity
Quantum Gravity!!
Quantum Gravity tries to describe Quantum Mechanics in regards to the laws of Gravity.
Quantum Gravity is needed to further advance in current science and develop skills by dissecting the conflictions found in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and the Theory of Quantum Gravity.
Biocentrism: Human consciousness and life in general create the universe instead of the other way around.
1928 Paul Dirac- combines Quantum physics to describe an electron.
1925 Wolfgang Pauli
The Transistor
A Quantum Computer is a computer that makes use of quantum physics.
is Amazing
Did you know that transistor is used in all advanced
Why is a Quantum Computer special?
If so, did you know that the transistor is only possible
because of our quantum studies?
Correct info!
1913 Niels Bohr
-discovered the structure of the atom.

Quantum physics is the science of micro particles and how they react with their environment
A Quantum Computer has bits (the things that make it work) that can be in two states at once!
How do Qubits Help?
By having bits that can have multiple states, a Quantum Computer can investigate many problems at once.
General Relativity is gravity with a geometric foundation.
General relativity was also discovered by Albert Einstein.
The Real Thing
Objects in Quantum Gravity are measured by the plank scale.
-In the plank scale is a measurement of the size of the nucleus of an atom. VERY SMALL!!
Quantum means very small. So by breaking it down, it means that only very small objects are affected by quantum gravity and because they are are so small, they act weirdly.
Quantum Gravity is used by theoretical physicists and is used in relation to General relativity and Quantum Theory.
How are objects effected by Quantum Gravity? Intention.
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