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Why Everyone Should Ship Phan

No description

savannah n

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Why Everyone Should Ship Phan

Why Everyone Should Ship Phan
What is Phan?
Phan is the pairing of Dan Howell/danisnotonfire (left) and Phil Lester /AmazingPhil(right). They both live together in London, UK.For anyone that watches their videos, this ship is extremely popular. (Their ship is awesome!) Only true members of the Phandom will understand some of these, but whatever.
Why you should ship them.
Watch this video..NOW. Then, straight to my face say, "Phan isn't real,".Oh,by the way, this was filmed the day after they met each other. (for the series they read/answer tweets on twitter for "phil is not on fire" . (They still do the pinof series, but this is the 1st one.) In the series, they draw cat whiskers on their face. Only true members of the Phandom can understand this video's significance.
Look... Just look at this
Before you see the following image, ask yourself "Do I ship Phan yet?" Well, whether you do or not, prepare yourself. ^-^
Look over here
If you look at the capitalized letters, it spells "PHAN IS REAL" (note: there was a cropping issue, the word No was left out" Now do you ship it? Now, of course it could have been a joke, but honestly, who would do that if it wasn't a thing.
More reasons
THIS PHOTO IS SO TRUE(when God created Dan and Phil) This isn't really evidence but this photo is pretty accurate
Oh, so you still don't know why? First, they're cute together, and practically everyone agrees. Second, their practically almost dating... kinda. Finally, WHY THE HECK NOT IT'S PRETTY GOOD FANPERSON MATERIAL TO FANGIRL OVER.
Still don't? /)*^*(\
You really should ship it
You should ship the cute British couple(almost) together.. They're so cute together! This is why I ship them, and you should too. ^-^ (Sorry I don't type much, I fangirl too hard.)
This darn photo
This photo is very true, but they did film it the day after they met so it seems a bit weird... BUT WHERE ELSE COULD PHIL HAVE GOTTEN THE HICKEY FROM, HIS LION?!?! He claims that it is just a bruise so I wouldn't use this to prove Phan real or not. PRIVACY
I know it may seem weird
If you're not a danisaur or phillion, then this might make absolutely no sense. I recommend watcing their videos, they are epic. Also, if you don't ship Phan, you will not fangirl to this. IN THIS VIDEO REPLACE PILL, WITH PHIL. YOU WILL FANGIRL.
In their latest day in the life video..
In their latest "day in the life of" video, Dan claims that they have been waiting for each other to get up recently, so that they can eat breakfast and watch anime together. That's pretty cute.
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