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Copy of The Oceana Project

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Margaret O'Loughlin

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Oceana Project

The Oceana Project

Is a Non Profit Organisation that was Established in 1988 by Trish and Wally Franklin. They are Dedicated to raising Awareness of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises (Cetacea) and Also the Ocean Environment itself, by gathering Information through their Expeditions and Research
Their Agenda
The Oceana Youth Group
This project is an opportunity for 14 to 18 year olds to live and work for 5 nights and 6 days aboard the "Oceana Projects Annual Whale Research Expedition in Hervey Bay Queensland Australia". This project is a hands on experience supervised by a team of "Marine Mammal Research Scientists" that teaches young people not only the daily research activities but also tasks in operating the Vessel they are on.
The Whales of Hervey Bay
Here is where they list the individual whales that have been recorded in Hervey Bay. Each whales research information is updated under their name. A wonderful way of keeping track.
People can become "Associates" of a whale by becoming a "Supporting Member" of The Oceana Project
The Oceana Project Website is full of all the information you will need to follow, join and sponsor their very important work. Even visit their online shop and make a purchase or even just make a much appreciated donate.
Subscribe to their fortnightly newsletter
iWhales Updates
"As we watched the energetic fluke slapping of this young whale the name 'Slaphappy' was an obvious choice."
"1997 - The large distinctive white mark on Phantom's right flank gave rise to her 'mnemonic' name. A masked face with a large right eye can be seen slightly forward of the middle section of the white pattern. The mask bought to mind the association with 'The Phantom of the Opera', hence the names Phantom for the mother and Opera for her calf."
Venus and Cupid
" She appeared very beautiful in the morning sunlight, her under-fluke was clean and white and the Calf was gentle and slow moving.
The names Venus and Cupid came easily for this appealing pair.
The two distinctive blacks marks towards the top of the left under-fluke show clearly. Cupid can be seen nudging in close to begin feeding."
To not only Rehabilitate the Cetacea and Ocean but to also Preserve and Conserve it by promoting Awareness and Cooperation in the Community
Doing Scientific Research so the Community is Aware of the Environmental Impact on the Ocean and Cetacea
To Provide the Opportunity to the Community to take part in Environmental Research and Education using Non Manipulative means and Sensitive Vessels
To make the Community aware and understand the importance of Cetacea and Oceans
To establish and maintain amenities and services necessary to spread and show information on Cetacea and the Oceans
To promote worldwide awareness for the importance of their work to rehabilitate, preserve and conserve the Cetacea and the Oceans by communicating and meeting with All Governments, relevant organisations and individuals

The Oceania Project
Margaret O'Loughlin
Trish Franklin
The Oceana Project
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