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Architecture. Architectural styles in the U.S. and Great Bri

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Skoli Toth

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Architecture. Architectural styles in the U.S. and Great Bri

Architectural styles in
Great Britain and
the U.S.

When bridges is built where there was none before!
makes movements and
trades easier
the increased contact makes 'the other side' seem less distant

Link between Structure and Form
link between present and past
link between societies
link between engineer and architect

Therefore, bridges are more than structures, they have a great symbolic impact.
They exist on two levels:
and the two are linked.
oldest bridge
team of Museum of London excavated the remains of the oldest bridge found so far in Britain
about 3,500 years old - Ancient Britons
in central LONDON
spiritual significance of rivers and connection

Still in London
London Bridge is falling down
...the great rhyme and its history

At that time it was not only a bridge,
but a place to live and a real market place

This function was not lasting. OR?
One of those bridges was even sold to a wealthy American and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

created by S. Hidas
famous and fascinating
Read more: Futuristic London Bridge Sprouts Solar Powered Vertical Farm London Bridge Design Contest Winner – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Lake Havasu use one of London's bridge
The Connecting Link to US
Frankford Ave Bridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1697

an important LINK on the King's Highway that linked Philadelphia with cities to the north (Trenton, New York, and Boston)
Oldest one in the USA
through Brooklyn Bridge
Arrived to NEW YORK CITY
Peculiarly defined by its location
'You can't start to imagine what a bridge should look like until you know what it is joining together and what the surrounding s are.' Lorenzo Apicella
Metaphors for the triumph of human engineering
products of the Industrial Revolution
iron and steel
connection above a steep gorge without real support underneath
oldest bridges
longest bridges
nicest bridges

Engineering feats were once mainly the province of the United States, which for much of the latter half of the 20th century boasted most of the longest bridges in the world

Denmark and Japan got the winner places
Longest suspension
More than Mere Ways of Getting from A to B
'Unlike going through a doorway, crossing a bridge takes time. While you are crossing it, you are neither one place nor the other but in a strange kind of limbo state.'
Dr. Iain Borden
Tower Bridge of London
Could you imagine a bridge of your own ?
If you should build something for the next generation, what would be the architecture you would like to give them?
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