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No description

johanan dominguez

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of THE FUTURE

Cars of the future
The cars of the future will be more
cooler and could even cost like
THE video games
The games could be cool like
minecraft and even could be
updated to a COOLER
Are going to be more cooler or
more new .Could be
house or a building .
Know you know some stuff of how I think the future will be .Remember that the future will not be in 100 years from know.
It could be 1 more year from now.
If you want the cool cars and
The future of Johanan
By:Johanan D.

Everything has change from past to present.
Their will be new stuff that will change, we may not even know it was change.
That is what my PREZI will be about.
Have fun with the future that will
be coming, soon.
Their will be soon something that the future will have that every one will like.

THEIR could be more styles
and more colors that people
could like them.
game that every one could
You should even play it now
so you can like it.
Even they could be so so so
big.Or so so so small.
So would you like living
in one of this buildings?
all of that you will need to wait.
The education
of the future
The education will be
more educated and will have
new ideas so kids or adults
could learn.So every one
could be so so smart.
WATCHING !!!!!!!
Please subscribe,like!!!

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