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Do all brands of Diapers Absorb the Most Amount of Liquid?

Science Fair Project.

Michelle Cano

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Do all brands of Diapers Absorb the Most Amount of Liquid?

Which Brand of Diapers
is The Most Absorbent? By:Michelle Cano Purpose Hypothesis Materials Conclusion Procedure The purpose in why i chose this project
is because many people sometimes buy
the most expensive brand of diapers
thinking that they're the most absorbent. I think that if i test the 3 brands of
diapers the brand ''Luvs'' will
be the most absorbent. 1. three different brands of diapers
2. safety goggles
3. measuring cup
4. water
5. pen and paper to record results 1. get 3 brands of diapers (luvs, up&up,
and kidgets.
2.put 1/4 of a cup of water into the diaper.
4.wait till the water soaks in.
5.keep on putting 1/4 of water in until you see that it cant soak up anymore.
3.Record the amount h2o that went into
the diaper.
4.the diaper that has the most amount
of water is the most absorbent.
5. Repeat 3 times with each brand
and take the average. My hypothesis was correct because it
absorbed 3 and 1/4ths of a cup, which was the highest. I learned that the most absorbent diapers don't always have to be the most
expensive ones. Luvs Kidgets Up&Up The reason why i think that some
diapers absorbed more than others
is because they have different amount of polymers. polymers are little molecules in the diaper which help the diaper soak up all the water. polymers in the diaper are like kind oflike cotton but as soon as you put water in the polymer it expands and soaks up the water.
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