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Kappa Delta Chain of Command

No description

Laura Hart

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Kappa Delta Chain of Command

Panhellenic Delegate
VP Membership
Council and Appointed Officers "are charged with the responsibility of providing for and maintaining the operational well-being of your chapter."
Kappa Delta
Chain of Command
Song Chair
VP Member
SET Leaders
Member Education
Liaison Chair
Presents Chair
Assistant Membership
Open Recruitment Chair
Sisterhood Chair & Assistant
Birthday Chair
VP Operations
Academic Excellence Chair
Study Committee
Leadership Chair
VP Community Service
Girl Scout Chair
Community Service
VP Public
Public Relations
Merchandising Chair
Support Chair
Alumnae Relations Chair
VP Standards
Standards Board
Formal Chair & Assistant
Social Chair & Assistant
House Manager
Housing Board
Assistant Treasurer
Fundraising Chair
Assistant Secretary
Ritual Chair
Points Chair
Sports Chair
Living Chair
Greek Week
Leads the chapter in its quest for excellence and
motivates the chapter to succeed.
Maintains order at official chapter meetings.
Responsible for the musical needs of the chapter.
Opens the door during chapter meetings and ritual.
Leads the New Members in during chapter meetings and ritual.
Inspires members to live the values of Kappa Delta every day.
Serve as mentors to the New Members.
Helps the New Member Program run smoothly.
Plans events to engage our parents in Kappa Delta.
Plans Presents, a celebration for our
friends and family.
Educates new members as well as provides the entire chapter with quality programming on important topics.
PACE Chair
Understands the “Setting the PACE” philosophy and share it with the chapter.
What does PACE Stand for?
Personal Presence
Communication Skills
Enlarging Our World
Sells and markets the benefits of Kappa Delta membership to attract the most desirable potential new members
Assists with preparations for Recruitment.
Plans events for Informal Spring Recruitment.
Promotes a strong sense of unity, friendship and sisterhood throughout the entire chapter.
Creates sisterhood by recognizing birthdays.
Oversees the chapter and its members’ goal-setting for annual Chapter Excellence and motivates and assesses the chapter’s progress toward achieving those goals
Oversees the Academic Excellence Program and encourages academic achievement in all members.
Assists with Study Nights and other aspects of the Academic Excellence Program.
Challenges each member to be an active member and leader within the sorority as well as on campus and in the community.
Organizes community service opportunities as well as plan Shamrock Showcase.
Plans Girl Scout events.
Bonus Question
What is the name of the Gamma Iota alumnae that works for Girl Scouts of Northern California, and is who we coordinate Kappa Delta events with?
Morgan Graham
Organizes participation in other chapters' philanthropy events.
Assists in planning Shamrock Showcase.
Serves as an ambassador and public relations specialist on behalf of the national organization
Assists in promoting the chapter.
Provides an important electronic communications and public relations link for chapter members and the community.
Organizes opportunities for the chapter to purchase Kappa Delta merchandise.
Documents the history of our chapter.
Creates opportunities to support chapter activities.
Promote a strong relationship with our alumnae.
Maintains and upholds standards for the chapter.
Reviews excuses and addresses violations of Kappa Delta standards.
Plans new member celebratory dance.
Plans social events with other chapters.
Maintenance of the chapter housing facility and be firm about enforcing the house rules fairly and evenly.
Enforces house rules and signs chore slips.
Keeps the financial records of the chapter, collects the income and pays the bills
Assists with the Treasurer's duties.
Organizes ways to raise money for the chapter and new house.
Responsible for meeting chapter deadlines and maintaining the important chapter records.
Takes roll when Secretary is not present.
Understands our ritual and makes sure the whole chapter is prepared for ritual.
Runs the chapter points system.
Represents Kappa Delta in Panhellenic Meetings.
Organizes opportunities for chapter members to participate together in intramural sports.
Prepares house for visits from nationals and educates chapter on etiquette.
Organizes chapter's involvement in Greek Week and Homecoming events.
On a piece of paper, write out four positions that you would like to apply for!
1. Assistant Public Relations
2. Gracious Living Chair
3. Sisterhood Chair
4. SET Leader
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