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Tonight's Heavyweight Match Up

No description

Peter Rappaport

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Tonight's Heavyweight Match Up

A Country Torn by Politics
Tonight's Heavyweight Match Up
Alexander "The Great" Hamilton vs. Thomas "I Don't Support Slavery But Own Slaves" Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
Born & Raised
: Virginia
Rise to Fame
: Very talented from a young age as a writer and used that to propel him into politics. Successful tobacco planter before politics and was the key writer of the Declaration of Independence
Political Party:
Relationship with Hamilton:
"I disagree with everything that man says"
View of Human Nature
Informed citizens could make good decisions for themselves and country
People are naturally good and intelligent enough to make wise decisions
Best Form of Government
Democracy: one where all people had a say not just the enlightened
A small government protected the people's liberty the best
Constitution means exactly what it says
Creation of national bank was unconstitutional
Strong state government more important because they were closer to the people; keeps national government in check
Views on Human Nature
People are selfish and out to help themselves get ahead but not the group
Distrusts a system of government that gave too much power to the people
Believes this would leave to "error, confusion and instability"
Best Form of Government
As a Federalist, he believed the best people (those who are educated, wealthy, public-spirited) should rule the country
Time, education, and background to makes decisions best for the country
Strong central government
Unite quarreling states
Rights of states not as important as national power and unity
Alexander Hamilton
: West Indies
: St. Croix
Rise to Fame
: Ambition, ability, charm
Relationship with Jefferson
: French supporter who would rather see anarchy than order
Political Party
: Federalist
Ideal Economy
Expand U.S. economic success by
Using national government to promote business, manufacturing and trade, in addition to agriculture
Developed "Three Step Plan" for economic success
Foreign Relations: Britain & France
Supported the French Revolution initially until it turned violent and chaotic
Supported Britain in conflict because they resembled what he hoped the United States would become one day

Ideal Economy
Agriculture as the key to their success, not business.
Banking was anti-farmer because they did not loan money to farmers, only businesses.
Ambassador Genet's actions of touring through the United States calling for citizens to revolt against Washington until he agreed to side with the French in their Revolution, even turned off Jefferson from supporting the French leader.
Relationship with France & Britain
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