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School Portraiture

No description

Jennifer Hale

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of School Portraiture

School Portraiture Assignment
Located in unincorporated Manatee County, Lakewood Ranch is an 8,500 acre planned master community consisting of 7 villages with a variety of housing types.
Community Attractions
R. Dan Nolan Middle School
R. Dan Nolan Middle School
6615 Greenbrook Blvd.
Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202

Carrie Rainwater
Kristen Cunningham
Jennifer Hale

EDA 6061
Medical Facilities
Events and Festivals
Health and Fitness
Top Rated Schools
More About Lakewood Ranch
Community Demographics
"Inspiring Our Students with a Passion for Learning"
Programs Offered
Foreign Languages
High School Credit
Gifted Enrichment
Student Government
TV Production
School Survey:
Who Are We? What Do We Do Well? What Do We Need To Improve?
What Do We Do Well?
Please rate the success of the following aspects of R. Dan Nolan Middle School, using a scale where 5 is "Very Successful" and 1 is "Very Unsuccessful."
Who Are We?
When you think of R. Dan Middle School, what description most readily comes to mind?
Are We Doing A Good Job?
How would you rate R. Dan Nolan Middle School, overall?
How Can We Improve?
If you wish, please leave any additional comments, keeping in mind the focus of this survey is who we are as a school, what we do best, and how we can improve.
“It is a well, put together school. Every year, we grow not only as individuals, but as a whole!”

“Great school, but need better communication with parents in some areas.”

“Communication between administration and faculty is lacking. More communication would help make everything better. The community needs a clear message that they do not dictate to the school.”

“Nothing is done about bullies or sexual harassment. Lunch is bad, and many teachers do not teach or care.”

“This year, there's been a lot of changes with new teachers. It makes it unstable for the kids.” -Parent

“Some admin is supportive, but not all. I feel very safe, but feel that discipline is not being handled effectively. Parents and children are calling the shots and admin. needs to stand up. We have excellent teachers who could do their job if they weren't bogged down in testing, county mandates, paperwork and disrespectful students.”

“We are treated as 5 year olds; the staff needs to up their game and treat us as equals instead of children that don't know anything.”
“Overall, quite happy with my daughters education. I am unhappy in regard to handling of recent hiring of band sub for (teacher) and also the fact that my child class isn't going to MPA. Also had a problem with situation in my daughters class that wasn't resolved properly.”

“We need a leadership that supports teachers and staff, a leadership that treats us like professionals, that trusts us above everyone else, and that will defer to us on things that they do not know about. I value my students, their parents and our staff and I wish that this was recognized by those "in charge".”

This anonymous survey was created on SurveyMonkey.com. It was sent to parents of current and former R. Dan Nolan Middle School students, faulty and staff members, and students. Approximately 100 people responded to the survey between March 3rd - March 14th.
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