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Ethical Leadership for Student Leaders: RA Training

Ethical Leadership workshop developed for Georgetown University's Residence Life RA Training, Fall 2012

Erika Cohen Derr

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Ethical Leadership for Student Leaders: RA Training

Ethical Leadership
Erika Cohen Derr
Center for Student Engagement
Identify common scenarios that prompt student leaders to make ethical decisions
Learning Outcomes
Understand foundational principles for ethical decision making
Consider how to apply ethical decision making to student leadership practices

Learn a few things about the Center for Student Engagement, too
Articulation of the purpose and value of human lives.
What are ethics?

Analysis of what makes a character or an action good, or right or just.
Justification to other people of what we do or who we are.
Applied Ethics
Normative Ethics
Approaches to Ethics
Immanuel Kant
John Stuart Mill
Lawrence Kohlberg
Virtue-based Ethics:
Based on Aspiration
Honesty, Courage, Loyalty, Compassion, Reliability, Generosity, Kindness, Tolerance, Sociability.
Virtues are practiced over time until they become habit; dispositions to act
The Debates!
Grounded in duties and obligations.

Morality translated into the obligations due to others: universal, necessary, unconditional.

Based on free will and rationalism, everyone owes these obligations to one another.

Universality. Truthfulness, Promise-keeping, Respect for the property of others.

Grounded in consequences.

Seeking the greatest balance of "good" over "evil." Do greatest good for the greatest number.

Life should be lived in such a way to maximize pleasure and avoid pain – this constitutes

Assumes priorities are: Good health, A sense of well-being. Social harmony, Developed human capacities.

Amanda Carlton, Associate Director of CSE
Howard Cohen, Purdue University
Gladys White, Professor and Ethicist
Ethical Leadership for College Students, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Purdue University: (http://www.agecon.purdue.edu/lia/modules/LIA_Mod9.pdf)

The big 4 questions:
Am I likely to cause someone physical harm?
Am I likely to cause emotional distress?
Will an important goal be undermined?
Could this decision hurt my reputation, undermine my credibility, or damage important relationships?
Moral Duty:
What are some ways we see promotion of Virtue
in practice at Georgetown?
Developing a Moral Self:
Stage-based theory that tracks individual development through phases in the development of a moral or ethical self

Considers self in relation to sources of "authority" and the process of internalizing authority into a set of ethical principles

Critical process occurring during adult development, prompted/facilitated by higher education
How do we see ethical development in practice at Georgetown University?
Yes or no: Students should be allowed to run businesses for profit from their residence hall rooms.
Yes or no: Georgetown University money should not be spent to pay for speakers who have a history of denigrating a group of people based on their identity.
Yes or no: If a student on your floor, who has a history of roommate conflicts, applies to a student org leadership role in which she will be charged with building community, and you have the ability to influence the decision, you should make sure she ISN'T selected.
Thank you,
Noreen and
What are some ways we see "Moral Duty" in practice at Georgetown?

What are some ways we see Utilitarianism in practice at Georgetown?
And now, a shameless plug for CSE!
Student Activities Fair
Campus Quad App
Blueprint training - new topics this year!
Healey Family Student Center - opening September 5!
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