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printing and production runs, GCSE

No description

jonathan curthoys

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of printing and production runs, GCSE

(and COLOUR!)

Beautiful images?
How would you print them?

Good for how many copies?
Tell me about you experience of laser printing....
What should the printed
colours look like?
scanners, digital cameras, monitors
What colour is a switched off monitor?
(HINT - why does RGB add up to white?)
(Hint) what coulour is a paper? These colours add up to black!

So why is there black ink in the lazer printer?
the colours that printers use
Offset Lithography
Why "Offset"?
A FLAT image plate is treated so parts of it will pick up the oil based ink. The image transfers to a blanket cylinder and then the paper. Can be used for standard paper sizes or huge rolls!
How many colour plates will be needed?

How many copies to make it viable?

Flat or engraved plates?

Water or oil based inks? What impact could this have on recycling and paper making?

Ink Pressed/soaks into paper? Recycling?
Registration marks? Colour bars?
Lithography Points

Small print runs (100) with simple plates and one colour.
Huge print runs with webbed paper (10000+).
Sheet fed (5000+)
Excellent for high quality stuff but can have colour issues on long runs.
Can add further tasks easily - embossing, varnishing
Magazines, cards
Flexography (letter press)
What's the difference?
Digital Printing
Engraved Plate

What issues could I have trying to print 10000 copies of something?
Small print runs possible.
Easily altered.
Prints on paper surface.
Limited to standard sizes.
Toner rather than ink (not cheap).
Less waste/faster setup
Some dodgy colours?
How easy is it to set up?

How can you alter what you print?
Is it easy to change the type of paper?
How could printing on the
paper surface aid recycling?
Engraved plates like a stamper.
Ace for packaging - Why?
Wider range of inks - how?
Low viscocity ink? How? What advantages?
Cheaper to set up.
How many colour plates?
Not so good for detailed photo work.
Registration Mark
Colour Bar
Registration Mark
Crop lines
Why do printers have the black ink if a combination of these colours can make it?

Tell me about it
How Many prints?
Registration marks
Laser Printing
Screen Printing
Screen Printing
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