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Safeerah Zainab

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of AutoCAD

Input 1 Input 3 The input goes through 5 processes that
will help us find the output to our problem. Input 2 Output Processes 1. Define Your Goal The prezi, questions, test, activities and my knowledge and understanding of AutoCAD are my output. I understand the software's purpose/function. I realize how important design and drafting software's are in career fields. I also realize that programs like AutoCAD help to plan and create objects or structures. The binder includes procedures to creating certain structures with visuals. With the procedures you also learn commands for the software and definitions are included with the explanations. There is a glossary and review questions at the end of the binder. AutoCAD Computer Aided Design What does
CAD stand for? This is a software application
that allows 2D and 3D design and drafting. AutoCAD 2D 3D It gives you the chance to create, change, analyze and understand designs or drawings through the use of computer systems. The purpose of this module is to teach you how the knowledge and creativity of the designer is enhanced by the speed and power of the computer. The purpose of this module is to teach you how the knowledge and creativity of the designer is enhanced by the speed and power of the computer. Autodesk is the creator of this design and drafting program.
What type of drawing do we do on AutoCAD? AutoCAD Logo The type of drawing that we do in AutoCAD is drafting. Drafting is technical drawing that visually communicates how something functions or is to be constructed. This type of drawing lets you plan out what you are going to create or design. When we work with the modules, we need to understand that we are going through a process. We input data, information and materials. The input goes through investigation, analyzation, planning, brainstorming possible solutions and choosing solutions, and finally construction.
After the process, we have an output. This is the
Design Process Design Process The design process is a series of steps that transfer
the knowledge you already have and applies it into the real world. This process helps to resolve problems through the following system. 1. Input 2. Process 3. Output 4. Evaluate What is our problem that
we need to solve? The issue or situation that we have is to understand and be able to work with the software AutoCAD. We are to complete all the activities provided in the binder, answer the thinking questions based on this module and create a prezi. What information and resources
are we provided with? Resources or materials that we are provided with
are the binders that give concise information and steps for us to read, understand and perform ourselves on the software. We are also given examples of past students pieces of work and are provided with videos to build on our knowledge even more. To work with the actual program, students
are provided with computers with the AutoCAD
program installed. Broad-Based
Technologies I think that AutoCAD would fall under the broad based technologies: Technological Design and Manufacturing. Technological Design: Technological design basically involves design, development, application and management of computers. Computer graphic software is involved in technological design. This program is a part of technology and is a design program.
Manufacturing: Manufacturing involves creating products but to create a product you need diagrams, designs and plans. Computer software’s are used to help create these diagrams like AutoCAD. You can plan the way your product looks in this program and how it will be created using exact measurements and design it in real life. Designing the product in this program will provide a basic outline of the product. What essential skills did you need to complete this rotation? To complete this rotation, you need the following essential skills: computer use, reading, writing and document use. Using a computer is an essential skill when working with AutoCAD because AutoCAD is computer software. If you do not know how to work with a computer, how will you be able to work with a computer program? Computer use is necessary in AutoCAD. Computer Use The skill of reading is essential to this rotation because all the buttons or drops down menus are words. Even though the buttons in AutoCAD have pictures on them, if you hover the arrow on top of the button, the written description is displayed on the screen. The description informs you about what the button does. To perform a certain action, you have to click the right button with the right command written on it. Being able to read and understanding the text will allow you to perform certain actions. Reading Writing
Writing is communicating by arranging words, numbers and symbols on paper or a computer screen. First writing is done in the program when you input certain values or measurements in the command bar. Second writing is done when you answer the thinking questions based on your module. You need to be able to input the knowledge you have gained in words. Fundamental Concepts of Technology Fabrication is a process that when followed will yield a result. It is the act of assembling the product. When we design objects and plan in AutoCAD we follow a process and that process is the assembling of our structure. You have to design the object or product before you create it. Aesthetics is a fundamental concept of technology that deals with the design or visual of the product. Aesthetics makes the product pleasing to human senses and AutoCAD will help you do that. It gives you the opportunity to plan your product. You get a chance to visually see it and if you don’t like it then you can alter or delete it. Work Habits Work habits that are necessary to operating AutoCAD is working independently, initiative, organization and balance. Working Independently: This work habit enables you to work without any supervision and accomplish tasks independently. You are able to use prior knowledge and experience to help solve problems. This skill was necessary in AutoCAD because we had to work with the module by ourselves. Even though we had a group of people working with the same module, we worked on the programs by ourselves. We completed the thinking questions and the prezi also individually.
Initiative: Initiative means to approach new tasks with confidence and positive attitude. You begin and complete tasks without anyone’s supervision. This skill was important in AutoCAD because in 10 days it was our goal to completely understand the module we were working with and complete all the activities. We had to finish our work without the teacher telling us to do what. Organization: Organization means to devise and follow a coherent plan to complete a task. Not only were we supposed to understand our modules but were also supposed to answer these thinking questions and create a prezi. We had to organize our work priorities because a number of tasks were supposed to be completed. We also had to make sure that we kept our activities, drawings and animations in a safe place with organized labels. Balancing connects to organization because with all the work priorities that we had to face, we had to balance the work out. We had to make sure that whatever work was to be handed in, was handed in on time. Balance Careers Careers that involve skills that I learned in AutoCAD are architecture, construction and manufacturing. Architecture Architecture is the process of planning,
designing and constructing. To design and construct, you need to plan and to plan you use computer software's such as AutoCAD. The computer and design skills that AutoCAD teaches you will assist you in the preparation of blueprints. Construction In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure. Buildings are built using a plan or blueprints, created through computer software's like AutoCAD. Here again we are using designs and plans made from computer software's, that help to bring structures or objects to real life. Drafting Drafters help with construction by creating plans and technical drawings of everything. The drawings create guidelines, such as dimensions, calculations and weight restrictions, which workers use to plan and assemble buildings and products. Drafting Architecture Construction Commands/Tools The three most important tools that I used in AutoCAD were snap, layers, and copy. Snap: Snap is a tool which locates points exactly by finding an existing point within the drawing base. Some common snaps are: snaps to the nearest point, snap to midpoint, and snap to the intersection of two lines. Layers: Layers are a logical grouping of data. Objects can be arranged by names, colors and line types that are associated with them. Layers are an important tool of AutoCAD because they help you organize the different components of your design and drawing. They provide ease in viewing, drawing and editing. Copy: The copy command in AutoCAD allows you to copy selected objects from one location to another. First you click the copy button and then select the object that needs to be copied. After selecting, press enter on the keyboard and then click on the object that needs to be copied again and drag it to where ever you desire. Our goal is to learn and understand the
module AutoCAD. 2. Investigate, analyse
and understand: We investigated and analysed with the binder
that was created for this software. To expand our knowledge we watched videos that were created specially for the program AutoCAD. 3. Choose the best Solution: The best solution to this problem is to first watch the AutoCAD videos, then read and perform the activities that are stated in the binder. 4. Plan and Design: To plan for this module we basically watched the videos because they gave an introduction to the software. We also planned out how we would balance out all the work because we had to complete the activities, answer the thinking questions, create a prezi and study for the test. 5. Construct: After planning and choosing the best solution, we begin working with the AutoCAD software. Thank you for watching my presentation. Videos Prezi by Safeerah Zainab
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