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Puto de Leche co.

No description

Nicole Magdurulan

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Puto de Leche co.

Executive Summary
Our mission is to provide the product our market wants in affordable prices, and also to become known in the industry. We are friendly and knowledgeable to inspire our markets.
Puto de Leche Flan co.
is formed around the chilly days of
January 2015.
We came up with an idea to innovate the prominent steamed rice cake Puto and the all-time favorite desserts of many Filipinos and also foreign people Leche Flan. Though with this fusion,
we also add flavor : Coconut.

Our financial standing has been a difficult task for us to be practical. as starters and students, we came up with the
investment around P500.00.
This is difficult for us to start a business. However, we all have the positive thoughts that we will have our return on investment as we take risks.

The accomplishments we have achieved are probably the main products we offer/provide. As we have said,
taking risks means seeing the opportunities to rise up.
Without stepping forward, we will never see the outcome of this. Our product is basically plain as you can imagine.
But with the idea of adding flavor, we believe, can add an advantage of going upward.
Puto flan is the best dessert in every occasion, even your typical binge.
Since we are an online-based business, the competition is also in high risks.
Most of the business owners choose the online-based business is because the Internet is widely used every time. It has an immense impact not only for the newcomers to the business, but also to the market we will cater.
Economy Fluctuation is also one of the major setbacks probably we will meet
Arises of competition
Slow communication channel
Similarity of products we offer
SWOT analysis
-healthy competition
-reviews/word of mouth (positive and negative)
-favorable ideas from other customers
-expansion of the products
-slow flow of income
-economy fluctuation
-natural calamities
-government policies
We introduce this unique product "Puto Leche Flan" it
is a merienda with dessert in bottom, delicious and affordable.

Certain towns of the Philippines, most notably Binan City, Laguna,
Valenzuela City, Calasiao, Pangasinan and Manapla, Negros Occidental have
escelled in the production and markketing of their particular style of puto
flan to have a unique one.

Puto leche Flan is a delicious dessert. puto will partly added with coconut milk
which is a unique flavor and to make it different in taste into other puto
products. And it has a combination of leche flan for additional taste. Other
healthy ingredients are sugar, cheese, milk etc.
Sweetest Mommies
Naglilihi kaba?!
Puto de Leche Co.
Puto de Leche Flan Co.
is a manufacturing type of business. it will manufacture a highly specialized product govern by four individuals
under the partnership agreement.
Since partners are college schoolmates and already built a trust to each other, we decided to
combine our money as a source of our profit.
The proponents wished to enter the food industry specialized in creative merienda for the reason that filipino are known for being a merienda lover. Just how much do, we, filipinos love to eat, besides the usual 3 meals a day, we have morning and afternoon snack so that
Puto Leche Flan is one of the best option of Filipino in taking merienda.
It can be also a dessert because of the combination of puto and leche flan.
Our vision is to meet the target sales fr the next 3 months and also to expand the management, and the extent of the labor skill that we are lack of in the present. To be an excellent provider to the market with well care
Katy's Puto Flan (SWOT Analysis)
-they are in the industry first. So the trust of the customer is on their favour. this is strong for the katy's puto flan because they have the attention of their patrons. And with the help of reviews online, potential buyers are catching the attention of katy's puto flan wanted
-so in this, new competitors is also one of the threats we have seen. Seasonality, also, are sometimes, their sales aren't hit enough to gain revenue.
From the past,
we as the assigned members of the group conducted some surveys to make an overall reviews about the quality of the product and how it will be possible to put in and grant it as a product in the market, for us to be to classify the qualities of the product, we assumed several people who can conduct and analyze out market product,
The goals of the organization are;
To ensure trust and relationship to each other since this is difficult task for us to come up since we do not have any other source of manpower
To surpass the great expectations
To be holistic with the management and also the production
To work on-hand and meet target sales
To be flexible and productive
To be profitable
-Their internet platforms are very well defined. they are easy to access by the markets. they have sevral accounts that posted their products.
-We have seen is they are delayed to respond to their customers as it diminishes the satisfaction from the potential buyers. So instead of waiting, the buyers will find another seller that provides the same product.
Bianca Serrano
Nicole Magdurulan
Grace Escorpiso and Ryan Binabay
In the future,
when one of our goals is met, adding personnel means a lot for all of us. Since we do not yet have the personnel to work and produce our products,
we have planned the number of staffs we will need for,
3 staffs for productions
2 staffs for sales and marketing
3 staffs for supplying
Implementation Schedule
Channel Distribution
Skillful labors
are very important to every business entity. But we are not saying that unskillful workers haven't gotten any chances to be part of our team. We also started from scratch. With the help of the founders for the future employees, we can guide them for the better of our lives.
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