Put yourself in the story

We're developing an app to help you create and deliver beautiful, polished, engaging videos without the need for professional equipment, post-production tools, green screens, design expertise, or video creation experience. It’s the future of Prezi -- and we want you to be a part of it.

The more connected we are, the more we disconnect from that which matters most. Guy Raz discusses his own innovative solutions in this pioneering Prezi beta video.
Oh, behave!
We previewed our latest technology at TED Global 2017 with Robert Sapolsky’s fascinating talk on human behavior. See how he uses Prezi's beta app to amplify the power of his message.
The Making of a TED Talk
Get a backstage peek at the production of our very first video made with Prezi's beta app, with perspectives from Prezi designers, Prezi CEO Peter Arvai, and featured TED Global speaker Robert Sapolsky.
Carmine Galo
Carmine Gallo's Webinar
The storyteller's edge: Communication secrets to sell, lead, and grow
Prezi’s first Storyteller-in-Residence, Carmine Gallo, hosts this new webinar with Prezi's beta app. Gallo, a renowned author, keynote speaker, and executive coach, will share the secrets of his success, including how to be a mainstage-worthy presenter and how storytellers throughout history have perfected the craft.
David Hooker's TALK
Who's teaching us visuals?
The world is bombarding you with more and more images, but are you ready for the impact that they can have? Are we prepared for the manipulation that images can exert on all of us? Learn how you can be a better consumer and creator of visuals without having to set foot in art school.
Adam Somlai-Fischer's Talk
Taking AR back from the Terminator
Some see the future of augmented reality as a scary, saturated dystopia where we spy on each other and use bright colors to cover up the drab world around us. But there's an exciting version of this future where we take control of the technology and seize the power of how our ideas are expressed.
Dominic Eskofier's Talk
The Holodeck is almost here
Could we be about to realise exciting new technologies that we previously thought were just science fiction. Nvidia's head of VR/AR takes a closer look.
Astrid Kahmke's Talk
The Future of Storytelling
As the Creative Director at the Bavarian Film Center Astrid believes Virtual Reality is not a technology - it is a new medium. One that desperately needs new content to ignite the consumer market.
Dirk Schart's Talk
Journey to Jarvis
Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality empower us to see digital information directly in our work and life environments as if it was truly integrated into our world. Yet we are still using 2D screens to work and learn on a daily basis. Why are we still spending hours each day searching for the right information?
Jim Novack's Talk
Global, Immersive, Collaborative
Mixed Reality is producing the work environments of the future. It's going to take a lot of working together to get there, but as Jim points out, the results can be game-changing.
Charlie Fink's Talk
What I Learned Making An Augmented Reality Book
Charlie Fink is a technology journalist at Forbes and a former executive at Disney with years of experience creating meaningful stories. His latest tail is how he put together an augmented reality book and what important lessons he learned about the state of the industry.
Terry R. Schussler (Deutsche Telekom)
Terry R. Schussler (Deutsche Telekom)
How 5G and Edge Compute Will Enable Pervasive AR Experiences
Terry is the Director of Immersive Technologies at Deutsche Telekom, in this talk, he takes the audience through what the increase in network speeds is going to mean for the experiences we are all going to have with AR Technology.