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Project Of PM applications

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Transcript of Project Of PM applications

BIULD2LIVE's New Project
Group Members:

Product Based Planning & plans Theme

Plans and Quality Theme

Risk Theme
BUILD2LIVE's New Project
Thank you!
Organization Structure Theme
Plan Description
Planning Pre-Requests
Planning Assumptions
External Dependencies
Monitoring and Control
Executive Summary
The project is to promote the new packaged product offering low cost houses for low income earners which will distinguish BUILD2LIVE company from its company if we promote for it properly.
So the project contains 3 sides which are : re-branding the logo and updating of company website, and also a campaign on press, TV, & Radio.
Build 2 live is a priority development company has been disadvantage since the global recession due to fall priority market , increase in prices of raw material and that lead to decline in sales .
To promote the new packaged product offering by the company for low earners and the current package .
To increase profit margin .

Government will give developers incentives to help them in the current economic claim it .
Business Option
Do Nothing
Do the Minimum
Do Something
Expected Benefits
Expected Dis-benefits
Time Scale

Major Risks
Change Theme
Management Products
Exception Request
Change Process

Configuration Management strategy
Configuration Item Record
Product Status Account
Daily Log
Issue register
Issue Report
Pr ject



Project Board
Senior User
Project Support
Do nothing and continue with the accessing way of working , this option will increase cost and decrease sales and get the company out of market .
Make advertising campaign and that will save 10000 yearly of the marketing and advertising .
advertising campaign , re-branding new logo , re-branding and updated the website , the benefit of that will be increase the profit margin by 10% and raise the market share of the existing market and acquisition of the new market ( low cost houses .
We will take the 3rd option which return the best benefit for the company in those cases :
- If the company don’t respond in any improvements.
- If the company just re-branding the logo and website.
- if the campaign don’t result the aims of it.

1- increase profit margin by 5 % from the government .
2- increase the profit margin by 5 % to the individual sales .
3-save 10000 yearly of the marketing cost .
4- new logo , new website , ( easy to use , efficient , fast , accurate , up to date , low cost ) .
The advertising campaign will definitely boost the company’s market presence and staff morale as the staff will have an opportunity to be directly involved in the ad campaign.
The logo and website will provide full details on all new and existing products.

If we do the project The company may get carried away with the campaign and lose sight of their main focus which is construction.
If we don't do the project we will make collapse .

£60,000 ± 5,000
30 ± 2 Weeks .

1- Team conflict .
2- The company may get carried away with the campaign and lose sight of their main focus which is construction .
3- Don't implement the project in the clear time and cost and benefit that required .
4- The customer may dislike the new logo and website or they we not able to deal with new update .

Business rumor that suggests that the government may give developers incentives to help them in the current economic climate is FALSE.

Karen Bell "marketing director"
the project approved by him , he was in the company for 17 years , Respond to requests for advice from the PM, Set the scale for priority ratings for requests for change and off-specifications "time and cost " , Make decisions on escalated issues.
Determine the Change Authority and change budget.

Joe Simmons "CEO"
Ade Olli
PRINCE2 qualified, has experience and knowledge, leadership, Manage the issue and change control procedure, assisted by Project Support where possible. Create and maintain the Issue Register, assisted by Project Support where possible. Implement corrective actions.

he able to represent the needs of user and costumer , marketing is key driver of the project and he is the marketing director ,new ideas ,fresh mind

Tim Bolt "director of sales"
Responsible for all sales inquires ,high performance, very committed, experience, 7 years in the company, Make decisions on escalated issues with particular focus on safeguarding the expected benefits, Respond to requests for advice from the Project Manager.

Sid Patel
" IT Manager"
Respond to requests for advice from the Project Manager. Make decisions on escalated issues, with particular focus on safeguarding the integrity of the complete solution. Responsible for 2 stuff , has efficient team

ABC Advertising Ltd
Sophia Jackson
she has ability to monitor spending against all budgets ,maintain target have been set, Advise on examining and resolving issues.

Paul Jones "head of construction "
He is in-charge of the project for low cost housing .


Responsible for all sales enquires ,high performance, very committed, experience, 7 years in the company , Make decisions on escalated issues with particular focus on safeguarding the expected benefits, Respond to requests for advice from the Project Manager.

Sid Patel "IT manager "
Tim Bolt "director of sales"
Respond to requests for advice from the Project Manager. Make decisions on escalated issues, with particular focus on safeguarding the integrity of the complete solution. Responsible for 2 stuff , has efficient team
Jane little "admin manager"
Responsible for the administration of the staff include the filling system booking meeting and taking minutes for all meeting ,Maintain Configuration Item Records, Produce Product Status Accounts.
The problem:
The website view only picture of houses but it would also be able to see a 3D image of the proposed houses.

Priority :
Should have.


Log register :
documents the problem and adds it to lesson learned.

This change impacts are on :
1) project performance

- time: increase the duration by 2 weeks the duration will be 31 weeks
- cost: increase cost by 4,500 the budget will be 54,500
- quality of website will increase
- support scope…..
2) project business case (benefits):
increase attractiveness for customer to our website
and therefore the sales will increase.
3) the risk of change
on time and cost , the custmer may don't able to deal with or dislike.
the severity and priority don't change

There are two option :
3D picture :give more details about products ( houses ) , look professional about the pictures,and more attractive for customer , and clear

simple website ( Pictures only ) : may not result
the same level of good performance as the 3D.

- Just Request for advice from project board because we will not exceed tolerance in cost and time

Take corrective action by implementing 3D specification to the website.

When the issue closed, the project manger should update issue report (request for advice)

- Conform approval of Government legislation .
- Design and agree the content for website " logical, intuitive, easy to use, fast, efficient, accurate and up to date .
- Design and agree adv campaign for TV ,Radio , Press" which include give contact details ,website ,tel number ,funny ,castcy ,clear indication of company name".
- Design and agree the time scale for launch of products .
In this stage we will design new company logo which instantly recognizable as BUILD2LIVE and low housing scheme, meaningful, existing brand .
- Having experts to do the logo ,website , adv campaign .
- IT requirement " Effective staff and tools ".
- having money.
- IP number and domain name for the website
-PHP framework & programming skills.

Competitor shareholders may decrease, ABC company , the government.
Control on the basis of the existing plan specifications, taking into consideration the time and cost that is one of the priorities CEO.
£ 12,000
Pre-Branding & updating of BIULD2LIVE PLC website.
It is a means to an end to provide full details about all the products on offer currently and any new offerings .
Interface, pages , hyperlinks, information, index, images , PHP language

- ABC company
- PHP Framework
- Designers
- supplier
- user
- specification
- build 2 live company ( image of houses .... )
Format & presentation
A website introduced by interface with ability to move to other pages by index & hyperlinks.
Development Skills Required
IT skills, PHP or HTML programming, interfaces designs.
Quality Criteria
The purpose of the website is clear and consistent with two other products. It should be logical, intuitive, easy to use, fast & efficient, Accurate and up to date.
Open from the all browsers ( chrome , fire fox , internet explore ...)
Fast file upload process .
Represent design for both computer and mobile device.
Site search .
Pay - pal online payment .

(To not lose the concentration on construction )

80% ± 5%
Quality Tolerance
Producer : CEO
Reviewer(s) : Project manager
Approver : IT manager and supplier .

Quality Responsibilities
Will we have unacceptable schedule variance ?
Will we have acceptable budget variance ?
Will A deviate appreciably from specifications ?
Is the issue Iam facing politically sensitive ?
In order to know if the project team need to form exception plan or not,
Exception Plan
we ask these questions:
BUT we want to suppose that we need an exception plan, in this case, we have to follow these steps:
Exception Report
It will be updated
It will be updated since:
- The status of website will change.
- Version will change.

The description of the product (website) will change from only pictures with 2 sides into 3D specifications.
It will be updated after each step of the change process, the documentation contain every detail about the issue and its dependencies on business case, also about performance concerning with 3D and past performance of pictures
It will updated & produced by the project board Joe
It will be updated, because issue register's purpose is to maintain all information that will be used to manage the product, since each has a unique management method.
The project

Advertising Campaign
Project Board
Daily Log
- If the government don't give the legislation that simplify new-housing, maybe we don't have to apply the project, or if giving them late, we may postpone delivering the project.
If the competitors make as our campaign before us or even after, so we need to attract customers somehow differently.
If our logo is looked like our competitors, we may have some problems with right copies & brands thefts.
take licenses from government or not, or the time of taking them.
the government decision to give incentives to low earners.
Consultant small company that can advice and assess businesses in preparing TV and Radio ads, they offer low cost services.
Dawood F. Muhtaseb
Maha H. Natsheh
Hamdi Haddad

Team manager raises the 3D problem .
Project manager produce Issue Report, Exception Report
Project manger prepares an Exception Plan

project Board holds Exception Assessment , CEO hold the assessment plan .
Project manager produces Issue Report, Exception Report.
Project Board escalate to corporate to give the agree to exceed the budget

Raising Exceptions
Bayan Manasrah
Karmel Namourah
Quality criteria & its management Methods
"For financial assurance"
" For Quality Assurance "
Why ?
" Do one or two options over 3 options "
For stage1 : £4,000
For stage2 : £ 12,000
For stage3 : £ 20,000
For stage4 : £14,000
Tolerance : £10,000
For stage1 : 2 weeks
For stage2 : 8 weeks
For stage3 : 10 weeks
For stage4 : 8 weeks
Tolerance : 4 weeks

1) Cause of deviation

the cause of deviation from relevant plan (tolerance) arise from development of the website by 3D image of the proposed houses and hiring new IT developers.
2) Consequence of the deviation
Exceed the planned budget and time and exceed accepted tolerance.
3) Available options
How to deal with and manage some issues related to 3D? Ex:
there is a lack of IT resources currently available, SO, there are two options :
A- In-source available IT requirements even there is a lack of them, Enhance the performance by training.
B- Outsource IT requirements
4) Effect this option on:
- Business case:
(benefits of outsourcing: decrease the time and effort handled by the company, especially that its concentration is the construction, that will help decrease the probability of lose concentration.
Dis-benefits: high costs.)
(Benefits of in-sourcing: lower costs, the training may invest in the IT stuff at long-term
Dis-benefits: we may not need IT stuff again especially at a regular basis.It is
bootlicker to invest in training IT stuff. )
the option of outsourcing may increase
5) Recommendation

We recommend the option of outsourcing.
The cost of the stages is £50,000
and we have £5,000 tolerance if we exceed the tolerance "above £60,000" we will need exception ,but if we in the tolerance which zero to £10,000 we need change.

In the case we need £4,500 to implement the 3D so we have to take change steps not exception
and we need 3 weeks to implement the 3D that will rise the time of the project to 31 weeks which not exceed the tolerance "+-2 weeks"
In our case:
SO we don't need exception plan
we should do that in 8 weeks .
We want to decide which option to implement according to the evaluation process, so here , we decide to implement 3D additions.
After executing project, some internal reviews must be done before lunching. Karen ' senior user' reviewed the website. after that, Tim Bolt ' director of sales' sent this message to Ade Olli 'PM'.
From: Tim Bolt
To: Ade Olli
Date: June 28th
This morning following up the first website review meeting, Karen mentioned that her first impression of the updated website was fair but it was not what she had expected. She had thought that customers using the website would not only view the picture of the houses bit they also be able to see 3D omage of the proposed houses.

Now I have been in sal a long time, and sold many houses, and based on my experience I don't think giving this level of detail will make a difference however,Since this is a clear requirement it will need to be incorporated and this issue must be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Having Spoken to Sid Patel after the meeting he doesn't feel they will be able to provide the necessary IT development that is required, and this is due to lack of IT resource currently available. I have therefore spoken to Joe and Sophia to agree hirning a contractor to take on the development of the website. This is anticipated to cost the project a further £4500 and require 3 weeks development.

Can you advise what be the next step ?
How to decide ?
Hint: This memo is given at the case paper
This has been in the increasing costs and the declining sales.

So, BUILD2LIVE plc have decide to launch a new packaged product offering low cost houses for low income earners.
This will distinguish it from competitors. So, it decide to handle a new project to inform customers about their
new package and increase sales. The project is
re-branding the company through a new
company logo and website, in addition to advertising campaign
A property development company called
BUILD2LIVE plc, has been at a disadvantage since the global recession started compared to its competitors. This is due to fall in the property market and the increase in prices of raw mterials along with the lack of control over its own marketing.
Hint: for stage 2
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