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TUL670 Thesis Building Outline

The pathway maps out some of the starting points for thinking about a thesis. it is an ecclectic, iterative, holistic process that doesnt follow a linear progression, but does have progressions.

Viv Grigg

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of TUL670 Thesis Building Outline

Start with the end in mind
Start with the beginning Thesis building Start with the beginning Start with the ending
Communication/ Action Which community are you in?
Which direction is your faith community (local? city?) moving? the leaders you walk alongside?
What do they see as really important to develop?
Who are you becoming? Framing the Idea Review
Identify theory
Identify gaps
Identify use of the theories
Write literature review Literature Variables you are researching
Type of Research with participatory action toolbox
Group Dynamics
Narrative Evaluation
Sociological Data
Data from Government
Research Mechanics How is this research going to change the world?
If so, which decision-makers are going to implement the outcomes of your research? (Local? Global?)
How will they use it?
How do they own the research process from the beginning?
In what format are they going to need the research?
In what format is it going to be evaluated by academics?

Prior Research
Gaps Ideational Creation
Expected Results
Alternatives Clarification Narrowfication Research statement Research question
- a question
- two variables KISS
no big words
no gobbledydook
no fudging
its just a little slither of info that catalyzes new directions
about which you have become an expert
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