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Chris Schott

on 5 November 2010

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Transcript of 4.14.10

11.5.10 Doing Research Effeciently Agenda: Richard Fulkerson Making the Research Paper Worth Your Time Making Research Efficient "To steal ideas from one person, it's plagiarism. To steal
ideas from many, it's research." William Minzer Tip #1
Pillage Essays for Sources! Almost every essay has a bibliography
at the end--check out what sources the
writer used to construct their essay and
see if anything appeals to you and your
research needs. Tip #2
Ask an Expert! Consult with someone from the field
you are studying and find out who are
the "celebrities" working in field. Ask what major publications (books, journals, etc.) have been or are being published. Tip #3
Take notes as you read sources! Instead of reading the entire source,
then trying to fit the inforation into your paper, keep notes of what you find that is interesting WHILE you read. Highlight useful passages.

As you read your sources, keep a Word file of all the interesting tidbits and ideas that you find worthwhile. This will give you a one-stop shop to refer to when writing your paper. You won't have to keep a pile of books and journal articles around you at all times. Tip #4
Set deadlines for yourself Because instructors won't always do this. Remember, most of the time, you will only be given a final deadline by the instructor. And as you have noticed by now, doing REAL research means allowing yourself the time to actually do it (not just cram it all in during one late-night fury). Upon getting the assignment, create a caldender of events and force yourself to actually stick to it. I mean, geez, you're in college now, get used to working your butt off. Fulkerson is speaking about the "traditional research essay". Keep in mind that your project is focusing on the PROCESS
of doing research.

With that in mind, while Fulkerson offers good advice on how to approach the traditional paper, his essay cannot be cleanly transferred to the I-Search essay. take his words with a grain of salt Fulkerson article
Work smart, not hard
I-Search Essay The I-Search Essay For Monday Dave Grossman, “We Are Training Our Kids to Kill,” 495-504. From The Prose Reader
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