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Theology One

No description

Nathan Mestler

on 31 August 2011

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Transcript of Theology One

Theology 1 What is theology? Carl Henry- “The proper task of theology is to exposit and elucidate the content of Scripture in an orderly way. Christian theology is the systematization of the truth-content of explicit and implicit in the inspired writing.”
(God, Revelation, and Authority Vol. 1, 238). Stanley Grenz- “Theology is the believing communities’
intellectual reflections on faith”
(Revisioning Evangelical Theology, 81). Charles Ryrie—Systematic theology correlates the data of biblical revelation as a whole in order to exhibit systematically the total picture of God’s self-revelation. What is theology? Theos + Logos Theology proper

A particular theology

Historical theology

Biblical theology Theology is biblical.
Theology is systematic.
Theology relates to other fields of study.
Theology is contemporary.
Theology is practical. God Genesis 1 and 2--"In the beginning God created..." God Is The existence of God is not argued in Scripture,
it is the assumed underlying truth of Scripture. Thomas Aquinas' Five Ways
Design New Atheism
All that exist is
time God Creates That God created is at the heart of the Biblical world-view. "Irreducible Complexity"
The level of complexity at which an organism, system, or process cannot function. Just Six Number
--Martin J. Rees God Talks Creation is the first act of God speaking. Psalm 19
Romans 1 What is the proper
response to this truth? God Rules God's establishes His ultimate dominion over creation
by the act of creating. Psalm 146:1
I will praise you
my God, the King! Genesis 3-Revelation 20-- "God so loved the world that he gave..." God Promises From the fall onward,
God commits Himself to the world. God Legislates God gives the law.
The law reveals the moral standard of God. God Mediates God administers His relationship
with the world through people. God Incarnates God's ultimate mediation of His relationship
with man is through His Son. God Gathers God operates His redemptive plan through
His new Body--the Church God Judges God's ultimate plan for creation
requires judgement. God Re-Creates The end of the story takes us back
to the beginning. Revelation 21-22--"Behold I am making all things new..." God Dwells God and His creation
are in eternal harmony. What's in a name? Elohim Elohim occurs more that 2500x. The first occurance of the name is in Genesis 1:1.
Elohim identifies the supreme deity.
Elohim is used to describe God as Sovereign,
Giver of good things. El Shaddai--"God on High" El Elyon--"God Most High El Olam--"Eternal God" El Roi--"God who Sees" Yahweh Occurs 5300x. First ised in Genesis 4:1.
The word comes form the "to be" verb hawa. It emphasizes God as the self-existent, active One.
Describes God as changeless
loyal Yahweh Jireh--"Yahweh will provide"
Yahweh Nissi--"Yahweh is my banner"
Yahweh Shalom--"Yahweh is peace"
Yahweh Sabbaoth--"Yahweh of armies"
Yahweh Maccaddeshcem--"Yahweh sactifies"
Yahweh Roi--"Yahweh is my shepherd
Yahweh Tsidkenu--"Yahweh is our righteousness"
Yahweh Shammah--"Yahweh is there"
Yahweh Elohim--"Yahweh God" Adonai Adonai means lord or master.
Signifies God's absolute authority.
Isaiah 6:8-11 God NT Greek word theos
Used over 1300x
Uniquely connected to Christ Kurios Used over 700x
Significant to NT Jewish Christians Father Used 300x
He is the source of grace and peace
loving correction
every good gift What is an attribute? An attribute is a quality of God that constitutes who He is.
These are intrinsic qualities which cannot be gained or lost.
They need to be distinguished from His works. Three Approaches to Attributes 1) Communicable and Incommunicable

2) Transitive and Intransitive

3) Natural and Moral The Greatness of God Life Meaning God is characterized by life.
God's life is different than all other life.
His life is not derived; He has always been.
His very nature is existence. Scripture Exodus 3:14; Hebrews 11:6; I Thessalonians 1:9; John 5:26; Implications Personality Meaning God is an individual being, with self-consciouness and will, capable of feeling. Scripture Genesis 3 Implications Spirituality Meaning Scripture Implications God is not composed of matter and does not possess a physical nature. John 4:24; I John 1:18; I Timothy 1:17 Infinity Meaning Infinity means that God has no bounds or limits.
He is in no way limited by the universe or by time-space boundaries. Scripture I Kings 8:27; Acts 17:24-28 Implications Constancy Meaning God is unchangable and thus unchanging.
God cannot increase in anything; He is already perfection. Scripture Malachi 3:6; James 1:17; Psalm 33:11 Implications Freedom Meaning Scripture Implications God is free from His creation.
God is free to do as He chooses, unless He obligates Himself. Isaiah 40:13-14 Power Meaning Scripture Implications God can do anything that is consistent with His own nature. Genesis 1; Revelation 1:8; 19:6 Knowledge Meaning Scripture Implications God knows everything, things actual and possible. Acts 15:18; Matt. 11:21; Psalm 139:16 Presence Meaning Scripture Implications God is everywhere present with all of that He is, at all time. Psalm 139:7-11 Relational Meaning Scripture Implications God, in His nature, relates to other persons. Genesis 2 The Goodness of God Holiness Meaning There are two primary aspects to holiness:
1) God is unique (Exodus 15:11).
The basic meaning of holiness is "separate" or "marked off".
2) God is absolute goodness (Habakkuk 1:13). Scripture Implications Isaiah 6:4; Ps. 99:3; Hab. 1:12; Leviticus Meaning Scripture Implications Righteousness Righteousness is related to God's holiness.
Holiness relates to God's separateness.
Righteousness is related to His justice.
It means two things:
1) God's law is a perfect reflection of His nature.
2) God's actions are in accord with His own laws. Ps. 11:7; Ps. 19:7-9 Implications Scripture Meaning Justice God not only acts in conformity with His law,
but His relationship to the world is flawlessly guided by His law.
This means two things:
1) Man is accountable to God's law.
2) God does not act outside His own law. Romans 6:23; Deut. 7:9; Ps. 37 Moral Purity Meaning Scripture Implications Genuineness This is similar to the attribute of "Life".
God is true. This is thought primarily in contrast to the false gods. Jeremiah 10:5-10 Veracity Implications Scripture Meaning God's veracity means that God
represents all things as they really are. I Sam. 15:29; Tit. 1:2 Faithfulness Meaning Scripture Implications "If God's genuineness is a matter of his being true and veracity is His telling of the truth, then His faithfulness means that He proves true." Millard Erickson, Christian Theology, 317. Ps. 89 Intergrity Benevolence Meaning Scripture Implications God unselfishly seeks our wellbeing. John 3:16; Deut 7:7-8; 1 John 4:10 Grace Meaning Scripture Implications God deals with people on the basis of His goodness, not their merit.
God reacts not to our desert, but to our need. Romans 5:8, Eph. 2:4, 7-9 Mercy Meaning Scripture Implications Mercy is the obverse of grace.
Mercy looks on creation with compassion.
Grace is receiving what I do not deserve.
Mercy is not receiving what I do deserve. Ps. 103:13; Matt. 9:35-36 Persistence Meaning Scripture Implications God withhold judgement and
continually offers salvation and grace. Ps. 86:15; Ezek. 16 Love The Trinity... ...is it Biblical? The Unity of God Deut 6:4-5 The "Three"ness of God Deity of the Father Deity of the Son Isaiah 9:6; Phil 2; Heb 1
Mark 2; John 1; John 20:28 + = The Tri"unity" Deity of the Spirit Acts 5; I Cor 3 and 6;
Rom 8:11 and Eph 1 Gen 1:26; 3:22; 11:7; Isa 6:8;
Matt 28:19; I Cor 12; II Cor 13:14;
Gal 3:11-14; Eph 3:14-16; I Pet 1:2 ...does is make sense? Contradiction? my house is brown
my house is tan a shirt that says:
"the statement on the back of the shirt is false"
"the statement on the front of the shirt is true" Analogies eggs, water,
and the human Theology Fails Seballianism
Modalism Attemped Solutuion Personality
Love and
Relationship ...does it matter?
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