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why i didnt present my black history project

No description

aija sparks

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of why i didnt present my black history project

I am very sorry that i didnt present my black history project it was my responsiblity to complete and present it. The black history project was a very important project because it celebrated the hard work and the harsh things black people had to go through. I had to make space in my phone to download flipagram and that whole week coming back from our break we had a drill competition and that we had to practice first and second hour and i should have started on the break but i forgot to and startted at the last minute. I need to be more focused in ms.estes class because i want to be something in life. i want more than anything is to have the best grades so that i can persue my dream in being a chef. I dropped down two grades because of me not turning in that important project.
Why I didnt present my black history project
I learned from my mistakes for not turning in my project. I really will focus from this time and foward and i will try and put my all into getting a A or B. I will be very
Mrs.estes i do apologize for not turning in my blackhistory project i will not ever happen again i have learned from my mistake
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