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Welcome to Prezi !

Why move beyond slides

Adam Somlai-Fischer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to Prezi !

Let me give you some perspective... Please use the arrows below to navigate You could move beyond slides! Why? You present for 15 minutes A good tool needs to help you in:
your message Thoughts are not produced in our minds linearly, but in a dialogue over time, with feedback. Even if you work alone.

Even more, if you collaborate. But prepare for 2 days! We started here Please step back a little, and see that slides are a side effect of an old unused technology, slide projectors.

Still all presentation
software today rely on slides Prezi releases your creativity
work with infinite spaces
no ties to sequence of slides
very easy to use no more:
"wait til 5 slides later"
"let me just go back 3 slides"
"I did not bring that slide" Relation and context can best be shown in a zooming interface, just like a map Prezi allows you to have open ended discussions with audiences Create Show Discuss Hide details easily show the big picture
and add comments live s M L XL Prezi.com For example... So.... Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
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