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No description

Mr Duke!

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of MY LIFE

When i was born
I was born in Barking. My first word was papa.
when i was a toddler
The only thing i cared about that time was one thing. chocolate. I always would use my adorable face and beg for chocolate from my parents.
My 9th birthday
Everything changed when i turned nine. After that i realised that life isn`t easy and that some people aren`t as fortunate as i am, i had to do a lot of studies after that day.
I got a baby sister!
I`m 10 now
MY 11 plus exams are nearly done and slowly my pressure is going too. I`m hope i will do great and go to a school that is best for me.
i feel partly scared and partly excited. I`m going to miss all my friends at breaside but excited to make new ones.
My ambition is to grow up and be a doctor or be a statistician.
MY LIFE buy sohum das

a little history about my life
How i feel about moving school
I came home and seemed to see a little baby and was very curious. I said mum,``Do you realise that there`s a baby on the sofa.``She was cutting tomatoes and justr eplied with a mmm. And then she quickly said``Oh , that`s your sister.``
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