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Cameron's epic way to teach Prezi

No description

Cameron Colebrook

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Cameron's epic way to teach Prezi

What is Prezi
prezi is great it can do things like this....
You brain has had a explosion
What is Prezi.
so welcome back
back to what i was saying ,what can you do with prezi?
By Cameron C
oh hi there
Yo how you doing?
i haven't really told you much
so do you think i should???
Steps to get started
1. you need to go to www.prezi
2.Then you need to create an account
3.Chose a template or you can create your own

fine I'll tell you something useful so what can you do on prezi that you can't do on power point you don't just go from slide to slide you travel the thing you can do less animation stuff but


i used no websites because i made up all the useless information i told you :D
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