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Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

No description

Taylor Rosner

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman

Full Tilt
presented by Taylor Rosner
Time: midnight to dawn (6 A.M.)
Place: 10 Hawking rd.
Era: present
Mood: the author creates a serious mood of secrecy and darkness
Full tilt
Main characters + conflict
Blake- a 16 year old who has always been responsible for his brother, Quinn. He has been traumatized by an event that happened on a school bus earlier in his life.
Quinn- an unpredictable 13 year old who loves thrilling adventures. He is almost the exact opposite of Blake.
Cassandra- known as the soul of the amusement park and is very mysterious.
Russ and Maggie- close friends of Blake and Quinn who get caught up in the carnival adventure.
It all started when Blake and his friends went to an amusement park in town.
Cassandra asks Blake if he would like to play a ball-toss game
Blake won a bear with a shirt. There was a pocket on the shirt & inside of it was an invitation.
Quinn stole the invitation and took off to the carnival by himself
Blake, Maggie, and Russ also go to the carnival to look for Quinn
They soon realize that the rides of the carnival are based on your fears.
Will Blake and his friends ride all seven rides and make it out before dawn?
Blake's internal conflict: he keeps thinking back to a memory of an accident he was in on a school bus.
Blake's external conflict: he has to ride 7 rides based on his biggest fears.
Quinn's internal conflicts: dealing with low self esteem and being insecure
Quinn's external conflicts: he is crazy and outgoing but not everyone respects him
Blake's conflict is man vs. self. It is resolved when he rides all of the rides and faces his fears
"I go places sometimes. Don't know why I go places...I just do" -Quinn pg. 9
"My strength comes from my will." -Blake pg. 144
"It's not the walls that make a prison, but the willingness of the prisoners." -Blake pg.155
The tone is serious
Blake is very serious about finding his brother and making it out of the carnival
"I will not die in this place. I refuse to be plunged from existence. I will no longer be at the mercy of these rides. They will be at my mercy. I will make it through all seven, and I will get out. I will be the one" - Blake pg. 90
While reading this novel I felt hope. I knew in the end Blake would make it out by facing all of his fears.
The larger message is to let go of the past and make room for the future.
The theme is to always face your fears.
by Neal Shusterman
Personal response
Personally i am like Blake. I like to focus on my school work unlike Quinn who just wants to have fun.
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