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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

No description

Levi B

on 1 August 2015

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Transcript of The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
by Paige Mckenzie

Presentation by Levi Bontrager

Characters 1
Sunshine Griffith- a 16 year-old girl who moves into a "creepy" house with her adopted mother.
Kat Griffith- Sunshine's adopted mother and closest friend. They tell each other everything.
Characters 2
Nolan- a boy Sunshine meets in art class. His grandpa is a strong believer.
Ashley- Sunshine's best friend in Texas. They slowly drift apart.
Professor Abner Jones- a mysterious man who Nolan and Sunshine visit to get info on ghosts
Characters 3
Victoria Wilde- Sunshine and Nolan's strange art teacher.
Anna Wilde- The ghost of a young girl who was murdered in Sunshine's house.
Mentor- a mysterious man who watches Sunshine without her knowing. His thoughts are told through short, separate chapters.
Water demon- the evil ghost who killed Anna and is haunting Sunshine's house
Opening/Rising Action
Move from Austin, TX to Ridgemont, WA
At a new school, Sunshine meets Victoria and Nolan in art class
She befriends Anna's ghost. Kat is oblivious to any paranormal activity
Nolan helps her find info and they visit Professor Jones
They discover the Luiseach.
Victoria tells Sunshine she used to be a Luiseach and about Anna. Sunshine accepts that she is a Luiseach and is given a weapon.
New Year's Eve at Sunshine's house
Water demon floods house and knocks Nolan and Victoria unconscious
Sunshine fights the demon possessing her mother with the special weapon form Victoria.
The demon is destroyed, Anna is released, and everyone is safe. Victoria sent to the ER.

Person vs. person and person vs. force
The ghosts are haunting Sunshine's house, and one is evil
Kat is oblivious to the paranormal activity, because she ends up possessed by the demon
Kat, back to normal, takes Sunshine to visit Victoria the next morning, where they find she has passed
Nolan meets them at their house and gives Sunshine a letter from Victoria
Sunshine's mentor arrives. He has green cat-like eyes just like hers
Don't hold grudges - like ghosts in the book, it can make you worse as a person
Don't doubt yourself - like Sunshine, once you believe in who you are, you can do great things
Move on from the past - like spirits helped by the Luiseach
Falling Action/Conclusion
5 out of 5 stars
Interesting, with intense, fast-paced scenes in all the right places
I definitely recommend this to horror/supernatural fans
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