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BNP Corporate Card

Présentation Prezi BNP réalisée pour l'agence de communication Expert Innovation. Le but de cette présentation Prezi est l'explication du fonctionnement et des avantages d'utiliser le service BNP Corporate Card.

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Transcript of BNP Corporate Card

Your travel across the world for your business
to meet your suppliers, partners, clients, colleagues.
The Corporate Card
I am Kevin.

As a sales manager, I travel a lot.
With my BNP Paribas Corporate Card
I can pay everywhere,
face to face or on the Internet.
My name is John,
I'm head of procurement.

I select the travel suppliers in coordination with Helen.
My name is Franck,
I'm the treasurer.

With a card program,
I control the travel expense.
My name is Helen.

As a travel manager, I define the travel corporate policy.
In your company...
My name is Mary.

As Head of Sales, the card program reinforce my ability to delegate.

Travel Manager’s needs:
Your business expenditures increase,
particularly the travel ones,
In case of problem,
I have high-level travel insurance cover and
a 24/7 phone assistance dedicated
to cardholders to relieve the manager.
I can have money on ATM machines.
I can easily book my hotel, rent a car.
I travel in total freedom and autonomy.
The pre-filled claim forms simplify my work after travelling.
Our US subsidiary is growing fast. The travel spend has become the second non strategic expenditures of our company.
Those benefits make me relax and confident when I visit a customer.
I’m fully available for my commercial mission.
For example, I chose the hotel supplier network, the hotel category and the options (breakfast, minibar...).
Global commercial card program enables me to negociate regional or international contract with the same conditions.
I consolidate all the travel data, then I negociate with the suppliers in order to reduce the costs.
Cutdown cash advances
Smooth claim forms integration
Working capital optimisation with deferred payment terms
I control the expenditures through the financial data report, reducing fraud and misuse.
Simplification of my team’s travels
Insurances and assistance are included
The travel data restitution gives me a detailed analysis
I define the specificity and the services suitable for each cardholder
...you deliver products and services
• Support and assistance for frequent
• Respect of travel policy
• Global travel data reporting
• Employees' satisfaction
Procurement Manager’s needs:
• Attractive financial offer
• Single solution with the same features
• Global data consolidation per suppliers
• Extended geographical coverage
Treasurer’s needs:
• Working capital optimisation
• Cutdown cash advances
• Administrative costs reduction
• Data easy integration into MIS
Sales Manager's needs:
• Call support 24/7
• Simple and efficient worldwide payment
• High level travel insurances and assistance
Head of Sales' needs:
• Simplify the travel management
• Define users profiles
• Easy way to control and to validate claim forms
Information Technology Dpt's needs:
• Standardized and secure data transfer
• Easy integration into the MIS
• Soft technical implementation
• Dedicated formated ERP format file
Human Ressources' needs:
• FTE assessment for implementation project
• Same service level for all the travelers
• High level travel insurances and
assistance cover
• Comfort of the employees during travel
I define means of transport:
airlines and low-cost carriers, train, public transportation, taxi.
Head of Sales' benefit:
I improve my management and the profitability of my team.
Information Technology Dpt's benefit:
Human Ressources' benefit:
I enjoy every single travel I do.
Sales Manager's benefit:
I structure my general accounting with innovative tools.
Treasurer’s benefit:
I save money and I’m stronger in negociation.
Procurement Manager’s benefit:
I manage a better travel policy.
Travel Manager’s benefit:
so are the payment situations.
• Automatic integration of claim forms into MIS
• Improve the efficiency of the team
Standardized and secure data transfer protocol
Easy integration into the MIS
Soft technical implementation
Dedicated formated IRP format file specification
FTE assessment for implementation project
Same service level for all the travelers
High level travel insurances and
assistance cover
Comfort of the employees during travel
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