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Psychological responses to sport injuries

No description

Samuel Walker

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Psychological responses to sport injuries

Psychological Responses to sport injuries!
By Sam Walker
Injuries can cause depression. Sportsmen or women that are passionate about there sport would want to be able to carry on with the training or sport they do. This would also cause depression in every day life, if your injury is serious you may struggle to get around and it will take time getting from one place to another.
When injured anxiety can be a psychological response. If you stick to a specific sport and you get an injury you maybe anxious in repeating the same thing you did that caused the injury. The injured sportsmen/women might be quiet frightened in doing everyday stuff as you may feel you might make the injury worse. If you have a serious injury like Aaron Ramsey (below) you may feel anxious tackling.
Isolation is also a response you may feel if your part of a team sport. If your injured and your not available to play for your team for a while you may feel left out and upset. If the team are doing well and training sessions and your unable to make it you may feel isolated.
Injuries can cause a lot of frustration. Not being able to do things everyday can become frustrating, struggling to get upstairs or to one place to another can cause frustration, the frustration can then lead to more injuries if you push yourself to hard. Straining your injuries or doing stuff too quickly can lead to more time away from your sport you do.
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