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Doctor Prezi

No description

Jake Trakosas

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Prezi

By: Jake Trakosas Being a Doctor Doctor Earnings when being a doctor The Satisfaction and stress of being a Doctor Video Definition: Personal Reflection - It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a Doctor Skills needed to be a Doctor Communication Skills: The steps to being a Doctor Courses in high school Satisfaction's: - One of the toughest things about being a Doctor - A doctor treats patients who are suffering from diseases and injuries. - To demonstrate leadership. - To keep the working environment clean. - To help patients who are in need of help. - To be prepared for anything. Different Types Of Doctors - Sergeants Duties and Responsibilities: - Therapists - veterinarian In Grade 11 In Grade 12 - University Biology - University Chemistry - University Physics - University English - University Functions - Calculus - Advanced functions - Sports science - University Biology - University Chemistry - University physics - University English - Dentist - MORE Post-secondary - 4 years of University - 3 years of medical school - 3 years working in a hospital - Being a specialist takes 3 years longer - medical school can cost between 40 - 60 thousand - University can cost between 2 - 14 thousand. - books can cost up to $100 - 130 per book Cost - To communicate with patients - To be able to ask your patients questions about their health - To make your patients comfortable speaking to you Scientific Skills: - To know whats wrong with the patient - To know how to treat the patient Handling Skills: - To handle medical equipment - To perform surgery perfectly - To give needles Family Doctors: - The cost may vary on what position you are and how much experience you have Doctors in training: - Doctors in training make about 50 - 60 thousand a year - Family doctors make about 120 - 150 thousand a year Surgeons: - Surgeons can make up to 500,000 a year Hours: - Depends on type of doctor - Can vary Location: - Hospital, ambulance or clinic Benefits: - Make a lot of money - Get money back fast - Can get rich - Indoor or outdoor - One of the biggest satisfactions of being a Doctor is that you get to help people with their sickness and injuries. - Another is that you get lots of money and you making lots of friends while doing so. Stress's: - One of the biggest stress's for Doctors is when they are performing surgery, they have to do everything right and make no mistakes - Another stress of being a Doctor is trying to save someones life after they have been severely injured and have been rushed to the emergency room Possibilities for employment in Canada: - The possibilities are high - A need for more doctors - Being away from family - sometimes having to work long hours - Their is a lot of learning and concentration involved. - You have to be motivated My Opinion: - Long nights of studying a homework Interests/Disinterests: - A big interest is getting a lot of money - You want to save peoples lives Interests: Disinterests: - A lot of late night studying and homework - Having peoples lives in your hands
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