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Racial Stereotypes in Media

Jibril Hussein

Jibril Hussein

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Racial Stereotypes in Media


In The
Racial Stereotyping in Sitcoms
Racial Stereotyping in TV News
TV news and the media can reinforce negative stereotypes especially of minorities.
TV news and broadcasts have been known to associate crime with African Americans either directly or indirectly.
The consequences of closely associating crime with race creates problems for African Americans as well as for non-blacks
Effects of Stereotyping on TV
People learn from what they see on TV. If racial stereotypes are reinforced on TV, the general public will begin to think that those stereotypes stand for all of a particular group.
What to do about it
Don't let TV shows or the news influence and blur your opinion about different races.
Recognize that stereotypes of races don't apply to all and everybody should be treated equally regardless of race.
Prevent children from watching shows that make fun or crack jokes about different minorities such as, "Tosh. O" or "Saturday Night Live".
What is Racial Stereotyping?
Racial stereotyping is when someone makes assumptions based purely on the individual's race and they become generalized based on limited and inaccurate information from sources as television, radio, and social media.
Reality Shows
CBS' hit show Survivor premiered their first season by creating tribes based on races. The tribes were categorized into the following: the "White" tribe, the Hispanic tribe, the African-American tribe and the Asian American tribe.
Children often tell the truth, especially when it comes to racial bias and stereotypes. What the media teaches children about race could stick with them for the rest of their lives, into adulthood, which can further negative stereotypes in the future.
Effects on Children
Jersey shore stereotypes Italian Americans by showing the "Guido" and "Guidette" lifestyle of big hair, loud voices and families, and party-crazed animals.
Crime shows often use characters that are visible minorities to play suspects. One example is the show, "Cops". The show unfairly focuses on lower-class criminals committing risky, usually ridiculously stupid crimes and most of the criminals on the show are African-American and Hispanic.
In the 1950's, shows like, "I Love Lucy", showed idyllic family life and excluded families of colour which during that time were fighting for more equal rights.
The Cosby Show in the 1980’s showed African-Americans in a positive light, but ABC did not accept the show because of the fact it showed an intact, successful black family.
Characters in dramas or on reality shows will say things that are not socially acceptable and people begin to form their own bias on different ethnic groups based on what they see on TV and will use it to prejudice.
http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=5m-xhE2MAY8&feature=related
Why do we do it?
I believe that we feel the need to categorize and label ethnic groups so that we easily identify a certain minority. If we generalize people into certain groups, we automatically can assume that all people from that particular group are the same and it makes us feel like we are in a superior ethnic group.
A Quick Question....
American Media perpetuates two stereotypes:
African Americans are a threat to society
(expressed in violent images and criminality)
African Americans are a burden to society
(expressed in "Anti-black effect" and illusions of "no more discrimination" in America"
In the media, Latinos are always given a negative portrayal. They are shown as unintelligent and uneducated criminals who are illegal immigrants.
The top three roles Latinos/Hispanics are given in film are maids, gang bangers/criminals, and gardeners.
A minority group whose members are perceived to achieve a higher degree of success than the population average. Perception of the Asian demographic:
docile, awkward, and submissive.
After 9/11, the increase of the representation of Arabs and Muslims as terrorists had increased substantially. Americans and citizens around the world began creating an "Arab-phobic" and "Muslim-phobic" society because of the representation of Arabs and Muslims in the media as violent individuals.
Caucasian a.k.a "White"
As the majority race, whites dominate media & set the standard which other races may not reach
Media is used to further racial stereotypes and confirm "whiteness" in society.
59% of all TV commercials contain an all white cast, while 29% contain an all black cast, and only 3% are multiracial.

Lack of intimate relationships between races in media reveal that differing races are not fully tolerant of each other


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