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US History - 23.2 - The Second New Deal Takes Hold

USH 23.2


on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of US History - 23.2 - The Second New Deal Takes Hold

The Second Hundred Days
Furthering the New Deal
By 1935, economic recovery not as great as FDR had expected
FDR launches second phase: more relief for farmers, workers
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, a social reformer, prods president
Reelecting FDR (3rd Term)
Reelecting FDR
1936, Democrats win presidency, large majorities in both houses
First time most African Americans vote Democratic
First time labor unions support presidential candidate
Helping Farmers
Problems Farmers Faced
Soil depletion
Inability to buy land
Squalid housing
Dust storms
Bank foreclosures
Lack of electricity
Helping the Unemployed
Problems Faced by All
Loss of dignity
Lack of spending money
Roosevelt Extends Relief
Programs for Urban Workers
Works Progress Administration (WPA)—creates jobs
WPA workers build airports, roads, public buildings
Women workers sew clothes for the needy
WPA employs professional writers, artists, performers
National Youth Administration (NYA)—education, jobs, counseling
Gives aid to students in exchange for part-time work
Improving Labor and
Other Reforms
Improving Labor Conditions
National Labor Relations Act, or Wagner Act, replaces NIRA:
protects right to join unions, collective bargaining
prohibits unfair labor practices
National Labor Relations Board hears testimony about labor practices
Holds elections to determine if workers want unions
Fair Labor Standards Act sets maximum hours, minimum wage
The Social Security Act
1935, Social Security Act creates Social Security system; provides:
insurance for retirees 65 or older
unemployment compensation
aid to disabled, families with children
Expanding and Regulating Utilities
Rural Electrification Administration brings electricity to farms
Public Utility Holding Company Act aims to stop financial corruption
Focusing on Farms
Focusing on Farms
1936 Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act replaces AAA
rewards farmers for practicing soil conservation
New Agricultural Adjustment Act avoids unconstitutional provision
Resettlement Administration gives loans to small farmers to buy land
Farm Security Administration—loans to tenant farmers to buy land
FSA hires photographers to shoot rural towns, farms, farmers
Section II - The Second
New Deal Takes Hold
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