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Managing Your Online Presence

Adapted from the excellent Powerpoint by Ellyssa Kroski "How to Create & Manage Your Online Presence", available on SlideShare

Tony Reeves

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Managing Your Online Presence

Tony Reeves,
UCA Learning Technologist

Managing Your
Online Presence

what information about you is already online?
1. establish your shop window
keep active through status updates
Based on a presentation by Elyssa Kroski
Why bother?
what does your online presence consist of?
if you don't claim your online presence then someone else might...
what could an employer find out about you?
Google yourself
don't forget images
check blogs
and Facebook
try SocialMention
set up alerts
online reputation management
- Discover it

- Clean it up

- Restrict it by adjusting privacy settings
* Remove unflattering profile information
* Delete hastily written comments
* Request that unfavourable content on
others' sites be removed (photos, videos etc)
3. create your elevator pitch
2. link your other profiles
4. control privacy settings
5. engage in professional networks
channels to consider
professional portfolio tool (portfoliobox, dropr, squarespace, profolio etc.)


facebook page

your shop window should be the core of your online presence

think about how you want the world to see you
strategy tips
"master" biog statement
"summary" statement
save both of these statements and use in
all profile descriptions across all social networks
brief paragraph describing current
position and achievements
quick, one-sentence self-summary
- use sensible domain names
- use same username on all social media sites
- use same avatar/profile picture on all sites
- use same/similar biog across all sites
- cross-link your profiles across channels
- have a personality... but remain professional
Facebook profile tips
- use vanity URLs e.g.
- have your profile reflect your personality, but remember - we don't need to know everything

- balance the personal and the professional using
Friends Lists
- create lists of friends such as family, friends, professional etc
- use these lists to control what status updates and photo albums people can see
Facebook and Privacy
Profile information
Control who can see what profile information, including:

if people see tagged photos/videos of you
who can post to your wall
who can comment on your posts
Contact information
who is allowed to see what contact info
& email addresses
Apps & websites
what kinds of information other people can share about your on their websites?
- your 'online CV'
- can help you find job opportunities
- can help you network with others in your field
- potential employers will expect to find you
LinkedIn tips
- import and update your current CV
- link to your shop window and all social media
profiles in the "Websites" section
- make regular status updates and comments to
stay visible in network activity streams
- join groups, ask and respond to questions
- request recommendations
drive traffic to your shop window by posting links on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
regularly monitor your personal brand through vanity searching
build your network through comments, recommendations, status updates, group membership etc.
be consistent:
update all profiles at the same time (i.e. new job, achievement)
keep an eye out for changes to
networks' privacy settings
BrandYourself was launched by Pete Kistler after he ran into a problem with his own name:

"He couldn't get an internship because he was getting mistaken for a drug dealer with the same name," said co-founder Patrick Ambron. "He couldn't even get calls back and found out that was the problem."
Creating your
social media strategy
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