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business plan

No description

hanan adel

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of business plan

Al - Souk



Virtual Office

Ahmed Who will run the business? VO Services Create a Profile Collaborate online Post a Job Monitor Online Register Search a Job Receive Payment Freelancers Register Evaluate
Hire a Freelancer Pay Telecommunication & Internet Sector VO Goals
Year 1:
Brand awareness.
Running the business successfully (breakeven).
Obtain business market share by 5%.
After year 3:
Enter new geographic markets.
Growth profit of at least 10%.

Virtual Office is an online marketplace, which acts as a median between service providers (freelancers) and clients (businesses and/or individuals). Business idea What is Al-Souk?

Global e-commerce. An interactive e-commerce platform Targeted at the Middle-East
Engagement with SME Service & product analysis The products:

Garments: Abayas, Scarfs, Pashminas.
Arabian Perfumes.
Home accessories (Touhf). We will have a subsidiary office in Manama

To deal with customer issues; complaints; any enquiries.
To contact with suppliers and local businesses. Key success factors

- Uniqueness in Bahrain
- Low Market Penetration.
- Low cost and efficient business model suitable for Bahrain.
- Business Center in the Gulf. Goals and objectives

Penetrate a 5% Market share of the e-commerce in Bahrain.
Setup a regional office in Manama for Customer Service Excellence.
Develop a Recognized local brand. Future Key success factors

-Manipulating suppliers.
-Brand recognition and trust. Competitors analysis

Amazons core values are:
- Investment diversification.
- Customer service addiction.
- Innovation to spread its risks.

Small retailers in Bahrain involved in
e-commerce retail stores. Marketing Marketing strategy:

-Aimed at younger, enthusiastic generation and university students & people with D.I.
-Sub-adverts on the Bahrain City Centre website.
-Advertisement on our own website.
-Google ads.
-Affiliate marketing. Finance Finance How it Works? Clients Survey Average Service Fee Competitors Pricing Marketing Strategy Source: TRA Analysis Source: TRA Analysis Source: TRA Analysis Our focus
Is to engage and bring in local SME businesses to sell their products Virtually.

Global Recognition for SME.
Revenue through suppliers. Thank you so much for listening
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