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Utilising our recent graduates' perspectives to create online reading lists that are tailored to the needs of our current students

For use in the University of Portsmouth Annual Learning and Teaching Conference June 2014

Kate Humby

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Utilising our recent graduates' perspectives to create online reading lists that are tailored to the needs of our current students

Utilising our recent graduates' perspectives to create online reading lists that are tailored to the needs of our current students
Who we are and what we do
Your friendly online reading list specialists. Always happy to help with any enquiries involving reading lists, copyright issues and digitisations
Thank you for
listening and
Cloud based reading list application
Currently used by over 60 universities and over 1 million students in the UK, Australia and New Zealand
Introduced to the University of Portsmouth in July 2010
Why we love Aspire and wish it had been around to inspire our degrees
Hannah Mortlock
Kate Humby
Applied Languages graduate 2012
Graduate Reading List Assistant for FHSS from February 2013 to February 2014
Assistant Online Course Developer for FHSS from February 2014 to present

The first Graduate Reading List Assistant was Helen Williams, employed by CCI in October 2012

Both lecturers and student can make their own annotations
Aspire is easy to use and navigate, with all the referencing information readily available for each item
Each resource shows the library availability and shelf location

One of the greatest uses of Talis Aspire is its aid in improving quality of education for distance-learning students
All the recommended resources for each unit are in one place and accessible if Moodle suffers technical issues
Electronic resources are linked to the VLE, which also helps everyone to comply with copyright law
Major aid for visually-impaired students

The proof of usefulness is in the Dashboard analytics

The Digitisation Project has also greatly assisted with resource availability, since its trial began in May 2013
Reading list project ties in closely with two of the university’s key Shaping Our Future themes:
Our students and their expectations
Our digital future

With the growing number of part-time and distance learners and the increased need for academic staff and students to engage and communicate through online portals, such as Moodle and Aspire, the university is making bold steps towards a more digital future. Aspire at Portsmouth is a great marketing tool!
Journalism and Media Studies graduate 2013 (1st class hons)
Graduate Reading List Assistant for Portsmouth Business School from October 2013 to October 2014

Talis Aspire (2014). Press Release: Robert Gordon University selects Talis Aspire Digitised Content. Retrieved from: http://campus.talisaspire.com/2014/05/08/press-release-robert-gordon-university-selects-talis-aspire-digitised-content/
University of Portsmouth (2014). The Institution: Facts and Figures. Retrieved from: http://www.port.ac.uk/why-portsmouth/the-institution/

...Enhanced experience for DL students.
Combating isolation!
Utilising our recent graduates' perspectives to create online reading lists that are tailored to the needs of our current students

Electronic resources
Academic recommendations and referencing
Digitisation project
Promotion of less commonly used resources
Suits multiple learning styles
Improved communication between students and the library
Journal Articles
Print journals
Print books
eBooks (over 90,000 titles)
Books/ journal digitisations
Open access reports
Works well with existing library software including the cataloging system and the Discovery Tool, which was launched last year
Why graduates?
Recent experience of higher education as a student
Knowledge of university's departments, VLE and paper reading list constraints
Easier for graduates to put themselves in the shoes of current students
University investing in students that have invested in an education at Portsmouth
What did we wish we knew as students?
Map showing UK universities that use Aspire
How do academic staff benefit?
Improved student engagement with literature leads to a deeper understanding of lecture content and additional subject matter
Readings can be updated immediately
Links to journal articles on publishers' websites encourage students to explore and read more widely around the subject
Teaching teams can collaborate simultaneously on lists
Resources provided without any copyright worries
Weekly readings can correspond to current affairs
Greater links with Faculty Librarians and library staff
We are more than happy to answer any current and/or future questions or address any issues you may have:

Kate.Humby@port.ac.uk, ext. 8522
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