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king cobra

No description

alana michelson

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of king cobra

Structural Adaptations
How Do The Adaptations Help
King Cobras can resist heat and doesn't need alot water to survive.==========================================
and has extremely toxic venom. The hood of a king cobra flares out when its about to attack.This also warns predators to
stay away.The colors that a King Cobra has helps it blend in
with the environment.The colors are Beige,Black,Olive Green
and Faint Brown . The King Cobra can get up to 18 feet long.
The fangs of a King Cobra helps it tear open it's prey.The fangs
also help the Cobra push it's food into it's stomach.When a King
cobra sticks out it's tounge it is really smelling the air for food.
King Cobras can live up to 20-30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool right i do not want to live where they live you will learn that very soooooon.
King Cobras give of neurotoxins to effect its prey.
There color of there skin helps them blend in with there
It uses its hood to frighten its predators.
It can see prey from far distances.
by Alana
Where king Cobras Live
parts of India
Fun Facts
There venom can kill you!
When the snake eats its prey,its still alive in the cobras stomach but the it dyes because the prey dose not have oxygen also the venom cause paralysis!
Longest venomous snake in the world!
They live in rain forests!
They can detect prey from 100m away!
They are also called Ophiophagus hannah.
What they eat
And then.........
Behavioral Adaptations
King Cobra
It flickers its tongue where ever the prey is going.
They guard there nests fiercely until there hatchlings
The hissing is often referred to a snarling dog.
Using there hood to scare prey away.
They can make themselves look bigger.
Limiting Factors
Limiting Factors
The king cobras eggs are food for predators.
When the baby King Cobra is also food for

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