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Nnanna Onyekaba

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Eclipses

Eclipses This eclipse of a lunar eclipse which
is one of them that happens more
often. This occurs when the Earth is
between the sun and the moon which block the rays of sunlight from shining on the moon. This eclipse is one of that was seen
very well probably through a box hole.
Most average people can only view
eclipses throught boxes because it
might blind you. This is another solar
eclipse. This is a solar eclipse which is one of the
many that happen every couple of years.
this is when the moon passes between
the sun and the Earth which results in the
sun being fully or partially covered. This is a total solar eclipse which is one of the
rarest eclipses that you may see happen. This is
alot like a solar eclipse but the moon will
completely be blocking the sun from the Earth instead of partially.
Every eclipse has a very big spotlight
when it appears because we are always
waiting to see the fascinating thing.
Cool things about eclipses is they
only happen every once in a while
and never lose interest no matter
how many time you see it. People throughout history
have seen these alot except in
ancient times they either thought
it was the world ending or it was
a god. Every year you will find them appear at least once or twice all over the world.
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