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Clinic Management system

No description
by DERRICK RONO on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Clinic Management system

Finally I have much hope that the clinic management system is going to bring down the use of papers and other complex systems in the clinics. I also hope that this system will bring a streamlined operation to the clinics and also increase management and data security which are the key core factors of a good system.
Almost every day a new system is being developed, as a developer I will try to keep updating my system with new features hoping that it will once see the light of the day, and bring incomparable change to the world of healthcare. Clinic management system ONLINE CLINIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
DERRICK RONO It is always the hope of everyone to make their process easy to manage and transparent.
In clinics we encounter the daily problem of keeping patients files and also creating new records which we are not certain about its security.
There is also a hustle which the patients undergo especially when they visit hospitals which have not computerized their processes;
they have to produce papers which have to identify them with the clinic and all their past visits. Problem statement If the old system continues to remain in place, we will have very retrogressive progress in making management processes of the clinic streamline and also in moving technology to a higher level. So with my clinic management system I will solve the problem of managing patient records, managing stock, finances and anything which is associated to any clinic process by providing a cheap and simple system. This system is geared towards providing a high tech solution for managing a clinic. Limitations of the system Objectives 1. To come up with a secure clinic management system.
2. To come up with a simple and easy to use clinic management system.
3. To come up with a robust system which is portable to any platform.
4. Develop a system which is fast and reliable. Strengths of the proposed system 1. The system will utilize a role based access control system, where people are only allowed to perform tasks allowed for their particular role or group.
2. The system will have room to accommodate several schemes and their billing criteria.
3. The system will also be able flexible and thus can accommodate any type of clinic. For example if the clinic doesn’t have a lab then they can have an alternative of choosing a different option. The proposed system basically seeks to make information management in a small clinic to be computerized.
So the system will have a login capability where different users login and are given different interfaces based on their roles. So when a patient visits the clinic he/she is asked whether he/she has been registered if so then he will be booked under the scheme he/she wished. If the patient is not registered then the receptionist will create the particular patient record and the book him/her.
The patient then moves to the pharmacy and he is given drugs. But if he/she is on a cash scheme or a scheme where they share cost, then the patient will go to the finance to clear bills first, then come back to collect drugs.
If the patient is sent to the lab/x-ray he/she will have to pay first then the test is conducted and then results are uploaded to the database.
For every transaction made the user details are recorded in the database.
The patient will then have to pay for consultation if he/she is using the cash scheme, if the scheme he/she registered to be booked with is paying everything then the patient will move straight to the nurse room, here the nurse will take the vitals and send him to the next room. In the doctors room the doctor will input the medical notes, check history prescribe drugs and can send the patient to the lab/x-ray for investigation if there is need. THank For You ATTention Summary of the proposed system Software specification Server:
Operating system: Ubuntu server 12.04 Precise pangolin LTS.
Web server: Apache 2 server, PHP 5.4
Browser: Mozilla and Google Chrome.
Operating system: Windows XP and above/any Linux distribution with x-server.
Browser: Mozilla or Google chrome. 1. Because time is a major constraint I will concentrate in building a clinic system surrounding the basic procedures of a clinic
2. The system will not be able to process electronics payments. e.g Mpesa, visa payments e.t.c.
Strengths of the proposed system.
Summary of the proposed system
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