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Ron Clark

No description

Amanda Teets

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Ron Clark

Ron Clark Presented By: Amanda Teets Bio Background RON CLARK
- Born 1972
- Graduated Teaching Fellows Program from
East North Carolina University (Ron Clark Biography)
- First teaching job in 1994 - Aurora, NC (Ron Clark
- Five years later left for Harlem (A Conversation with
Ron Clark) Ron Clark Academy
- Academy established in June 25, 2007
- Renovated red brick warehouse
- Located in southeast Atlanta, Georgia
- Classes began for students September 4, 2007
(Garrison) Classroom Technology:
- notebook computers
- interactive whiteboards
- digital cameras
- projectors
- audio video equipment
- each student has own laptop
(Ron Clark Academy) Building Features:
- recording studio
- darkroom
- classrooms hidden behind bookcases
- library with two-story vaulted ceiling
- gymnasium
- dance studio
- twisting two-story slide (Downey)
- graffiti painted hallways (Downey) Students:
- low wealth to high wealth
- must be nominated and apply
- selected applicants and parents interviewed
- at home visit conducted
- selected students' parents sign contract
- agreeing to volunteer 10 hours time each
- giving permission for mandatory field trips
(Ron Clark Academy) Media Attention Awards Books The Ron Clark Story Students of Ron Clark Academy:
- Named the ABC Person of the Week by ABC
World News Tonight (Aasen)
- Invited to perform at 2009 Presidential Inauguration
- Aasen, Susan and Lauren Sher (October 31, 2008). "Person of the Week:Kids Sing Impassioned Get-Out-The-Vote Song; Ron Clark Academy's Students Become Internet Sensation With Voting Hit". ABC World News Tonight (ABC News). Retrieved October 31, 2008
- AJC features RCA. (2010, June 17). Retrieved from http://www.ronclarkacademy.com/news/news/ajc-features-rca-aspx
- Downey, M. (2011, August 1). The ron clark show. Retrieved from http://www.ajc.com/news/news/opinion/maureen-downey-the-ron-clark-show/nQKB6/
- Education Oasis. (2003). A conversation with ron clark. Retrieved from http://www.educationoasis.com/resources/Articles/ron_clark_interview.htm
- Garrison, J. (n.d.). Ron clark. Retrieved from http://www.thegalleryofheroes.com/ron-clark/
- Lewis, B. (n.d.). "The essential 55" in your elementary classroom. Retrieved from http://k6educators.about.com/cs/classroommanageme3/a/essential55.htm 3 books Ron Clark Academy combined with
Great American Financial Resources,
Inc. to establish the Great American
Teacher Awards.
(Ron Clark Academy) "...a school that the community built..."
- Ron Clark Academy Creative Curriculum Ron Clark's story was so
inspiring that it has now
been made into a featured film. Fifth graders perform "Order of Operations" written
by Ron Clark to the tune of "Umbrella" by Rihanna. Ron Clark Academy performs
"You Can Vote However You Like" Health Care Reform Song Media spotlight by:
- The Today Show
- Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey named
Ron Clark her first
“Phenomenal Man.”
(Phenomenal Man: Ron Clark) Ron Clark:
- Disney 2000 Teacher of the Year Award
(Phenomenal Man: Ron Clark)
- White Houses visits to be honored on three
different occasions (Ron Clark Biography) - Believed that students lacked pride
- Thought if he could teach them skills
they would establish self-confidence
which would lead to pride
(A Conversation with Ron Clark) - Strict with expectations
- Raport with students
- establish
- partake in their activities
- treat with respect
- be positive - never negative
(A Conversation with Ron Clark) - Cofounded RCA with Kim Bearden
- pair met in 2000 when they were both
awarded Disney top educator awards
- shared dream: "to open a school without
curriculum boundaries where lessons would
leap out of the pages of books."
(AJC Features RCA) - Classrooms vibrate with energy. (Downey, M.) "Borrowing from Harry Potter, Ron Clark Academy established four houses, and students are assigned by a 6-foot-wide spinning wheel. Children run up the coin steps —coins from every nation are embedded in the steps — and take their first ride down the slide as their houses are announced. It’s pandemonium

And then it’s silence —for three days."
Silence as the students begin learning Clark's essential 55 rules.
(Downey) "...together we learn to love to learn."
---- Ron Clark, "The Ron Clark Story - The Triumph" - "Johnny Depp of at-risk education"
(AJC Features RCA) - funny
- pushy
- unorthodox
- jumping on desks
- refusal to be ignored
(AJC Features RCA) "Edutaining" - educating and entertaining
at the same time
(AJC Features RCA) - Teachers dress up
- Lectures are musical - rapping/dancing
- Rooms transformed into planets, ancient
ruins and hospitals to teach lessons
(AJC Features RCA)
- Role-playing
- Frank, interactive discussion
- Applaud whenever anyone enters classroom
- Answer formally
(Lewis) In the book's dedication Ron Clark
thanks his students for teaching him
more about life than he could ever
teach them.
(A Conversation with Ron Clark) - promotes innovation, academic rigor, passion, creativity
- engages students through energetic teaching
(Ron Clark Academy) Students known for: confidence, manners, social skills The Essential 55
- We are a family.
- Make eye contact.
- Do not save seats.
- Be the best person you can be.
- Always be honest.
- If you are asked a question in conversation, ask a question in return.
- Perform random acts of kindness.
- Stand up for what you believe in.
- Learn the names of all the teachers in the school and greet them.
(Rosenblatt) "Clark is a strict disciplinarian that expects - and
enforces - model behavior from all of the students."
(Rosenblatt) Students are involved in projects in the city
and in the state through innovative teaching
methods. Students' curriculum is based on
global-awareness and students are involved
in worldwide travel.
(Ron Clark Bio) - Order of operations rap song. [Video podcast]. Retrieved from http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdK-h6egPjA.youtube.com/watch?v=UxlwYP0HNdc
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- The ron clark story - the triumph (trailer). [Video podcast]. Retrieved from http://http://www.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd6SFmAaZr8youtube.com/watch?v=VdK-h6egPjA.youtube.com/watch?v=UxlwYP0HNdc
- You can vote however you like. [Video podcast]. Retrieved from
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