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jayesh kumar

on 20 March 2013

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QUEBEC ST LAWRENCE LOWLANDS&GREAT LAKES MONTREAL Girl Attractions Boy Attractions THE CONCLUSION On the region that I strongly believe that me & my family should go is the St Lawrence lowlands & Great lakes I think that the cities that we should go to is Montreal and we can go by car to reach this destination In Montreal there is a hotel called La hotel that is a 4 and a half star hotel that hotel includes a bar 2 queen sized bed and it even includes breakfast and has a shower and a art gallery. In Montreal there are shopping malls centre like a mall called RESO Complexe desjardins and there are gardens with over 20,000 plants in a garden called Montreal botanical gardens or Jardin bontanque de Montreal.And there is in Montreal the most amazing museums to see fine arts. Out of all of those region and province I picked the Great lakes & St Lawrence lowlands and the province that i picked was Quebec I picked these place`s because they were the most best suitble place to go because we were not going to the cordillera cause no body in my family now how to climb mountains and my parents don`t like to leave this region that much and my mom wanted to go to Quebec so I thought it was a good place to go that is why i picked the places. Hotel Prices For men attractions there are lots of casino and there is a hockey rink and there is even a hockey hall of fame to see how many Stanley cups Montreal has won over the years Montreal has won 24 Stanley cups the most Stanley cups out of all teams in the whole NHL.
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