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The Magical Mystery Tour

No description

Misty Smith

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of The Magical Mystery Tour

the Magical mystery tour:
exploring the RSU fiscal process
step 1: Make them a vendor
Any company you want to purchase goods from needs to be a vendor in the RSU system. Check with Deana first because you may get lucky and they are already a vendor! If not, you will need to get them the vendor form. You can find the vendor form at www.rsu.edu/purchasing.
Note: the vendor has to fill out our form. Their form will not work. They can fax it or email it back. It goes to Lynsey Simmons. She will add them as a vendor and you can move on to step numero two!
step 2: request a purchase order
Email your advisor and provide the following information:
vendor name - exactly as it appears on the vendor form
amount of purchase - if there is shipping include it separately
the reason for purchasing - usually your event (e.g. supplies for Mental Wealth Day)
Note: if your vendor is providing a service instead of a product, please see step 3.
step 3: contracts
If your vendor is providing a service you will need a contract. If the vendor doesn't provide a contract they will need to sign a personal services contract and a couple of additional forms. This would include all performers (comedians, musicians, etc.) or speakers as well as services such as laser tag and inflatables for Spring Fling. Deana can assist you with any contract questions.
YOU CANNOT SIGN A CONTRACT. The majority of contracts have to be signed by Mr. Volturo.
Step 4: checks and Cash advances
Sometimes, your vendor wants a check at the time of service. This is not a problem. At the time you request your purchase order, please indicate that you need a check and by what date.
Cash advance is the same process, but there is a form that goes along with it. Cash advances have to be made out to staff - most likely your advisor. With cash advances you must turn in all receipts AND leftover cash!
step 5: receipts and invoices
Once you've purchased goods or ordered items or been rendered a service it's time to wrap up the purchase. Deana will need a receipt or an invoice (regardless of whether it was a p.o., check or cash advance) so that she can turn it in to accounting. In most cases, the payment process doesn't initiate until accounting receives this information from Deana. If items were shipped, the invoice/receipt is sometimes in the packing materials.
RSU has a net45 days policy which means we reserve the right to pay up until 45 days from the event or service rendered.
From start to finish, this process can take up to a month. I would encourage all of you to start that early. However, here is a breakdown:
Purchase order with current vendor - at least one week in advance
Purchase order with new vendor - two weeks (you have to get the vendor form, etc.)
Check request with current vendor - three weeks in advance
Check request with new vendor or cash advance - four weeks
And remember, you have to leave yourself enough to time to have your purchase shipped or to go pick it up - hence, the one month in advance.
vendor specific information
Walmart - the university has Wal-mart credit cards. A student cannot use the credit card. You have to be accompanied by an approved staff member. You must have a purchase order before going to Wal-mart.
In most cases, your advisor simply has to sign a form to become an approved Wal-mart credit card user. Please see Debbie Harvey in accounting for more information.
Oriental Trading
We order a lot of our little fun prizes and other supplies from this company. You can only pay with a p.o. over the phone. To determine an amount to request for your p.o. go to their website, and add items to your cart. Checkout as far as you can without paying to determine the amount you need to request (don't forget shipping!) You will then request your purchase order, and once you have it you must CALL oriental trading to place your order.
Tip: print your order to make it easier to order over the phone. They'll need the item number and quantity, and you'll want to make sure they tell you the correct price.
food services
All food served on campus must be purchased from Sodexo with a few exceptions.

Talk with your advisor to determine your options.
Sodexo has the right of first refusal. This means we have to get a quote from them first before seeking an outside food vendor.
We do not expect you all to memorize the fiscal process, but we do expect you to follow it and meet your deadlines. You can refer back to this prezi at any time as a reference throughout the year when planning your events.
Deana is your friend. You want to keep her happy by following the procedures. She is here to answer any questions you may have and assist you with understanding the magical mystery that is the RSU fiscal process. :)
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