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Becoming a CHAMPION

No description

Bridget Franek

on 18 March 2017

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Transcript of Becoming a CHAMPION

Becoming a CHAMPION
Bridget Franek, University of Akron
USA Olympic Finalist

Outdoor 2017

How did I perform last year?
What have I done between then and now?
What do I believe I am capable of this season?
Believe in YOURSELF!
Control the Control-ables
Many situations are out of our control.
Learn to go with the flow.

Life (and EXCELLENCE) is multi-disciplinary
To be your best in one area, you have to pursue your best in EVERY AREA!!
Key Areas for Runners
Race Day
Current Condition
"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional!"
~ Roger Crawford
Consistent and well-balanced
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Maximized for performance and recovery
Before Practice: Simple carbohydrates and foods your body is used to
Prevent Cramps
Maximize Energy
After Practice: Protein and Carbohydrates 30 min after workout, full meal 2 hours after

WATER!! Stay hydrated
How do you relax and unwind?
Time NOT spent on homework, work or anything you HAVE to do

Balance running with non-running activities
(**that will not negatively impact running)
Map out major tests and assignments
Don't wait until the last minute....get it done Early!!

Get help when you need it

Find out what you enjoy
if traditional classes are not your thing, look into other options- technical schools, etc.

Take classes that challenge you
Prepare in the Off-Season
At least 1 month before the season starts, start conditioning a few times a week
Playing other sports counts!

Won't be as sore after 1st practice
Able to jump into technical aspects while others are just getting fit
....with Coach
Honest about how you feel without looking for excuses
Building trust in workouts and races

....with Parents
Help them understand what they can do to help you achieve your goals

Practice non-defensive conversations
Plan your day
Include timing of:

Pack your bag
Weather appropriate clothing
Race day essentials
Set reasonable goals
Based on conversation with Coach and recent workouts

Determine race strategy
Based on who is in the race and recent workouts

Know what you need to do to feel fresh and excited on race day!
Know your goals

Make sure Coach and family know your goals and how to support you

Visualize your race and race plan

Know how to get into the zone without over stimulation
Post-Race Recovery
Food and Liquids
Ice Bath
Leg elevations
Roll out
Change of clothes
Know your Sport
Know what your local competition is

Know what other kids your age are doing around the country

Get to know the current Pros

Learn about the legends
What times will be necessary to accomplish your goals?

**FloTrack.com **Letsrun.com

Trust the Process
Set achievable
Everyone progresses at different rates
Celebrate victories
along the way
But don't settle
Do the best you can TODAY!
Enjoy the Journey
"You are BRAVER then you believe, STRONGER then you seem, and SMARTER then you think!"
~Christopher Robin
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