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First Galaxies

No description

maryann carroll

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of First Galaxies

What are Galaxies
By: Colin Sullivan

Kinds of Galaxies
Most galaxies have clusters all around them for example the Milky Way ( our galaxy) is a cluster.there can be groups of tens to thousands! They are all bound together by the gravitational pull that they all have that is also how they form.
Go to this youtube video




First Galaxies
They all contain stars and tuns of gases.

They usually have metals that are lighter than helium.

the stars form by molecules and interstellar gas.

we can tell that galaxies are old because few stars form each year and there are billions of stars in most galaxies.
Seen with naked eye
Some galaxies you can not see with the naked eye. But the milky way you can on very dark
nights you can see our galaxies . When you see its you need to look past the stars with a telescope. Our galaxies appears as a broad, milky looking bundle of stars hence the name.
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