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My Internship at Camp

No description

Junpei sugihara

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of My Internship at Camp

Why I Choose this Internship:
I like doing more physical based work
Who I would not/would recommend this to
If you like to work outdoors, like nature, like to do physical work and enjoy landscaping this is the job for you!
Examples of What I do at the internship
1. Fix Washing machines
For example, the thing that gets broken first is the panel with the controls.
2. Mow certain areas
3. Move furniture and organize cabins.
Other things I also did:
Clean up rooms for people staying

Write a journal to plan out what needs to be done for the day, the week and the end of the internship.

check the bathrooms
and do the plumbing
Things I have learned:
How to cut Glass: You first have to create a guide with a small blade, and then break the glass under a pivot.

How to fix ripped hoses: cut the leaky part off, then insert male or female part and tighten with the ring

How to fix walls of houses

How to reuse building materials
for use later

Interesting fact:
These indents are made by fish that live by the lake near as nests to protect and grow their eggs and young. They use multiple items as bedding for their nest, including that white glove:
My Internship at Camp

I would rather work outdoors than indoors.
Would like experience in fixing/maintaining different types of environments. (I work with my dad at a different place for landscaping).
If you don't like lifting heavy things, getting dirty, hate bugs flying into your eyes for no reason, and don't like fixing stuff, this isn't the job for you.
Even though i may have not learned as much from this as other internships, I still learned very important lessons and enjoyed it!
Thank You!
I Want to see if people in different do things differently or similar and find out what how certain people solve problems
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