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good behavior

No description

Charles Herndon

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of good behavior

good behavior
Good behavior is all about being good and not being loud and out of control. So you have to be good, quiet and most of all follow directions.
good behavior is simple and easy. follow rules, be quiet, and also don't be mean or rude. That is the simple easy steps of good behavior.
good behavior can involve sitting still, be polite, and speaking when your spoken too, and generally following instructions. And that’s great, except for the fact that students are in school to learn, not to behave. Behavior rules are only a means to an end.
But if rules encourage unquestioning passivity, should we really be compelling students to follow them?Ever heard of Behavior for Learning, or B4L? Most often, all it seems to mean is that students are being quiet and respectful so that the teacher is free to impart knowledge instead of wasting time trying to make them shut up and listen.
Of course shutting up and listening is important, and anyone who’s ever had charge of a truly dysfunctional class knows how horrible an experience it can be
To overcome this, you’ll often see lists of classroom rules fastened to classroom walls. They usually contain some variant of the following:

Listen when others are talking
Follow directions
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
Work quietly and do not disturb others
Show respect for school and personal property
Work and play in a safe manner

here are great rules for instilling ‘good’ behavior. Students need to know that these things are important. But how much have they got to do with the types of behavior required for successful learning? Back in 1969, Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner wrote the following;
What all of us have learned (and how difficult it is to unlearn it!) is that it is not important that our utterances satisfy the demands of the question (or of reality), but that they satisfy the demands of the classroom environment. Teacher asks. Student answers. Have you ever heard of a student who replied to a question, ‘Does anyone know the answer to that question?’ or ‘I have been asked that question before and, frankly, I’ve never understood what it meant’? Such behavior would invariably result in some form of penalty and is, of course, scrupulously avoided, except by ‘wise guys’. Thus students learn not to value it.

Thank you:
Tristan Walton
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