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Why Videogames are addicting

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My Name is Zero

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Why Videogames are addicting

"Candy Crush Saga" one of the popular addicting puzzle games
What makes a video game addictive
The "Nintendo Entertainment System", one of Nintedo's most recognized gaming consoles.
Video games can be seen as harmless
hobbies but they can cause a major
impact on peoples lives.
Video Game Addiction
An addicting video game is a successful video game in the eyes of a video game designer.
Why are we addicted to video games
Some people can easily stop playing video games once they pick up the controller, but for others it's the center of their life.
Why Video games are addictive
Video games being a major part of your life isn't ideal
Signs of video game addiction
Their may be some academic consequences if video games has become a major part of your life.
Video game addiction can go from very small problem to a much more serious one.
The Negatives of Playing Video games





Hope you Enjoyed!
Several "Hooks" Used to Make a Video Game Addictive
The High Score
Beat the Game
Nintendo 64
Irritated when unable to play
Lying about the amount of time spent playing
Isolating yourself from family and friends to play video games
Playing video games don't make you an all-time genius but they have been known to improve some skills in the brain.
The Positives of Playing Video Games
There are many benefits when playing video games such as planning, multi-tasking, problem solving and so forth
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