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Central Africa

No description

Hannah Vogler

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa

Central Africa
Hannah & Kevin (: Government Popular Culture Visit? Traditional People Physical
Countries in region:
Chad, Cameroon, Central African republic, Gabon, Congo, Democratic republic the congo (Zaire) Location:
in the middle of Africa and to the west , beside the Alantic Ocean, North of Southern Africa, and South of North Africa Landforms:
Mountians of Central Africa rise on the Western edge of the region along the Alantic coast of Cameroon. Mount Ruwenzori, Congo river, Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Vele river, Kasia River Climate:
The average annual tempature is near 80 degrees, most
of the region has more than 80 inches of rainfall. "hot and wet." Who are they?
Fang people and Mbuti people Twan, Mbenga. There are 40,000 people Mbuti people in Central Africa. Most Fang people once had been farmers, but today many live in cities others own coffee and cocoa plants. Soccer is very inportant. Mbuti people (men) are hunters and food gathers live in rain forest of Central Africa Issues surviving the modern world...
The mbuti live in the rainforest and the rainforest are getting cut down , and the people are having trouble finding ways to live and find food. What types of Government?
Democratic Repuplic, their struggles for political reform are typical of a region where government has mostly on man or single party. In Cameroon soccer is very popular. Also people in Africa
play a popular game called Mankala. Coffee is very
inportat and is raised in Central Africa. For example
in Congo Government leaders work with international
Monetrary Fund and the world Bank. In my opinion I would not like to visit Central Africa becasue some of the people live in rainforest and I could not do that for even on night becasue I can ot sleep outside becasue I am afraid of snakes! Also in the rainforest they have to find ways to live and find foods and they have to work for their food. They also play soccer which I do not like at all. Also in my opinion why I would not like to visit there is because the Mbuti people live in wet places! YUCK! Also they have very little food and they are cutting down a lot of the trees and if I visited there I would be afraid that I would not get my food instead I would have to work for it i would nto like that!!
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